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Competitive Intelligence Modeling for Industry Disruption-Based Business Growth

The Rise of the Intelligence Strategist™

Competitive Intelligence Modeling Cover

Competitive Intelligence is one of the most critical methodologies we need to fully understand our markets. Traditionally, CI has been conducted by collecting, analyzing, and sharing single pieces of intelligence, from a single point in time. With the recent rise of new technologies, competitive intelligence data is readily available across numerous sources of information in real-time.

Not only is there more data in every industry, but there is more disruption occurring in every industry. We live in an environment of continuous disruption, which significantly impacts the competitive intelligence information we are collecting about our market. With that, comes new skillsets for intelligence professionals, and a new role of Intelligence Strategist.

In this paper, you will learn: 

1) How to understand a perpetual disruptive environment
2) How to identify and prepare for the impacts of these industry disruptions
3) How to apply this model of thinking to your competitive intelligence practice
4) Key elements of your new competitive landscape
5) The rise of the Intelligence Strategist™

Written by Paul Santilli, Worldwide OEM Industry Intelligence & Strategy at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Chairman of the Board of the Directors, Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

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