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CI Live: Building Battlecards that Accelerate Adoption

Best practices to instantly increase battlecard adoption throughout your organization!

Battlecards are popular enablement materials used to help revenue teams close more deals (and retain customers). But what does it take to create battlecards that your sales team actually wants to use day in and day out?

During this on-demand session, we sat down with two successful CI practitioners to talk all things battlecard adoption, including:

  • The difference between a good battlecard and a great battlecard
  • How to get your sales team obsessed (in a good way) about battlecards
  • Nitty gritty battlecard tips on maintenance cadence, feedback loops, and more! 

Review the recording to learn how Alteryx’ Spencer Hong and Crayon’s own Garrett Denney have significantly increased battlecard adoption across their companies.

Spencer Headshot

Spencer Hong

Senior CI Analyst @ Alteryx



Garrett Headshot

Garrett Denney 

VP of Product Marketing @ Crayon



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