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How Crayon helped the Product Marketing team at MURAL go beyond enabling sales to support marketing, product development, and executive decision-making.

The opportunity

Read about why 90 percent of ZoomInfo's sales team is now engaging with CI deliverables.

The opportunity

Amerifirst Home Mortgage drives smart marketing investments with Crayon competitive intelligence.

The opportunity

How Crayon helped show the entire ENA organization just how impactful good product marketing can be.

The opportunity

When the pandemic hit, the digital whiteboarding space exploded with activity, giving MURAL a whole new slew of competitors, big and small. The company needed to compete proactively in an increasingly crowded field.

The results

Crayon helped MURAL continue to thrive in an exploding industry, going beyond just sales enablement to influence product, marketing and executive decision-making.

"It’s coffee and Crayon. I love sitting down every morning and go through my Insights feed -  tagging relevant news so that my reports are already organized. It's like a daily ritual."

Product Marketing Manager, MURAL

"As soon as a salesperson gets in Crayon, the first thing they say to me is ‘wow, there’s so much good stuff in here!'"

Product Marketing Manager, MURAL

"Crayon helps us scan our highly competitive, ever-changing category and stay on top of news and insights that matter."

Head of Product Marketing, MURAL

Seeing is Believing.

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