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How Crayon helped Alteryx see a 40% increase in battlecard adoption across thousands of users in the first 60 days of launch.

The opportunity

Rapid7 builds an open & impactful culture of CI across the organization, leading to measurable growth in nearly every department.

The opportunity

Flatiron Health pulls competitive signals out of the noise to establish differentiated strategies.

The opportunity

The competitive intelligence function at Alteryx was relying on intel from outdated sources and needed to be digitally transformed.

The results

Alteryx used Crayon to transform their CI function into a company-wide enablement program that supports 1,000+ global go-to-market team members.

“​​The feedback we get from new hires that have used other CI vendors is that Crayon is a more modern day, easy to adopt tool than what they’ve come from, and that it's a huge upgrade from what they’ve used in the past.”

Manager of Market & Competitive Intelligence, Alteryx

"It used to take sales many hours to find competitive intel and get the information we needed, but now with Crayon and our compete program, we have all the relevant intel at our fingertips to move opportunities forward and win more competitive deals."

Sales Engineering Manager, Alteryx

"When it was time to procure CI software at Alteryx, I immediately reached out to Crayon. I looked at others, like Klue. But at the end of the day, scalability was a big factor while making this decision. Crayon lets us scale to thousands of go-to-market colleagues we want to support with CI. To create a company-wide culture of CI, having access and driving adoption is critical."

Senior Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Alteryx

“The CS offering helped us onboard Crayon smoothly. Then, once we had the bones of the platform up and running, Crayon’s CS team really helped us see and craft a long term vision. Not just 3 months out, but what we wanted our CI function to look like years down the line.”

Senior Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Alteryx

“Onboarding to Crayon is so simple and intuitive, it’s easy to find the intel you need and to submit new intel. I would recommend this tool to anyone. Crayon is always the first place I check whenever a customer brings up a competitor, regardless of whether I’m familiar with them already or not.”

Sales Engineer, Alteryx

“Crayon has been hugely helpful with conducting competitive research during an opportunity. It allows us to act quickly since we aren’t wasting time searching for this information and rapidly adjusting account strategy for the competitive landscape.”

Senior Sales Engineer, Alteryx

"The CI program's reputation at Alteryx is built on mutual trust. We are a one-stop shop for anything and everything compete-related and we are driven to ensure that anyone seeking our resources gets what they need and has them coming back to us for more."

Manager of Market & Competitive Intelligence, Alteryx

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