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HCM Software Company Improves Agility and Efficiency with Crayon.

The opportunity

Fuze cuts through the noise to stay ahead of competitors and sales requests with Crayon competitive intelligence.

The opportunity

Upserve improves win rate by 54% with Crayon competitive intelligence.

The opportunity

Klaviyo improves competitive win rates with dynamic battlecards and real-time intelligence.

The opportunity

A global human capital management technology company needed a way to scale and improve their market intelligence program. Their Market Research & Industry Relations team was tasked with gaining and analyzing market intelligence, but they knew they needed a tool that would allow them to work smarter, not harder, to achieve their goals.

The results

Crayon became the one-stop shop for this global company’s market intelligence program. Delivering complete market intelligence on a single, accessible platform in real-time allowed them to be more efficient and strategic to better compete in a fast-moving and crowded industry.

"We save 32 hours per month by using the Crayon platform. That translates to massive savings based on the efficiency gains alone."

"Crayon allows us to spend our time being strategic rather than consuming our time with tactical research."

"When we saw what Crayon could do, it was as if it was built on our team’s goals."

Seeing is Believing.

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