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Klaviyo improves competitive win rates with dynamic battlecards and real-time intelligence.

The opportunity

Read about why 90 percent of ZoomInfo's sales team is now engaging with CI deliverables.

The opportunity

Upserve improves win rate by 54% with Crayon competitive intelligence.


Increase in competitive win rate using Crayon


Business growth since starting to use Crayon

The opportunity

Competitive intelligence at Klaviyo was done using a Google Sheet — a manual process for collecting data and distributing it to the team. As a result, information was constantly out of date, not reflective of industry changes, and hard to distribute across the team.


Crayon became the centralized hub of competitive intelligence for Klaviyo, and competitive win rates increased as much as 59% since rolling out Crayon Battlecards.

"Before Crayon, we were finding that our competitor information was constantly out of date, and we needed a way to stay up to date with industry changes, in real time. We also needed a process for successfully sharing intel across the whole organization."

Director of Product Management at Klaviyo

"Our competitive win rates have increased as much as 59% since rolling out Crayon Battlecards."

Product Marketing Manager at Klaviyo

"Our competitive landscape makes staying on top of CI difficult, but having Crayon from the beginning has given me peace of mind that we are staying one step ahead of our competition."

Product Marketing Manager at Klaviyo

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