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Flatiron Health pulls competitive signals out of the noise to establish differentiated strategies.

The opportunity

Fuze cuts through the noise to stay ahead of competitors and sales requests with Crayon competitive intelligence.

The opportunity

Upserve improves win rate by 54% with Crayon competitive intelligence.

The opportunity

How Crayon helped the Product Marketing team at MURAL go beyond enabling sales to support marketing, product development, and executive decision-making.

The opportunity

Though Flatiron had an abundance of institutional knowledge about the market and competitors, much of this information was discussed on an ad hoc basis to nurture new deals or client relationships. The team lacked a consistent strategy around collecting, analyzing, and distributing competitive information.

The results

Crayon became the go-to resource for competitive research, and a primary input for delivering the right intel at the right time to the right stakeholders. The team was able to produce more competitive resources with better intelligence in less time, providing benefits both in and out of the Product Marketing & Strategy team.

"Every time a competitor did something, we jumped into a reactive mode, starting from scratch to find messaging, product details, customer feedback, and everything else we needed. We had a real organizational gap in market and competitive intelligence."

Director of Product Marketing and Strategy at Flatiron

"From the start, Crayon’s flexibility and support have been critical for establishing a strong CI foundation customized to our needs."

Director of Product Marketing and Strategy at Flatiron

“What stood out about Crayon was the ease of information access and filtering. Our competitive landscape is diverse, so in getting our competitive intel, one of the most important things is to be able to search for exactly the information we need. ”

Product Marketing and Strategy Manager at Flatiron

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