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How Crayon helped show the entire ENA organization just how impactful good product marketing can be.

The opportunity

Upserve improves win rate by 54% with Crayon competitive intelligence.

The opportunity

How Mastercard Uses Crayon—and Wargaming—to Empower Every Corner of the Organization.

The opportunity

How Crayon helped the Product Marketing team at MURAL go beyond enabling sales to support marketing, product development, and executive decision-making.

The opportunity

When ENA added new services to its product menu, new competitors came too. All these new competitive companies required research, and ENA didn't yet have a formal Competitive Intelligence process in place. 

The results

Using Crayon, ENA was able to build out a full-fledged Competitive Intelligence function, allowing them to more nimbly compete against new competitors and better show the value of Product Marketing throughout the organization.

“The big ‘aha moment’ for us was the feeds. We started realizing that there was great information coming in that they didn’t have to search for. When we began sharing those insights with the executive team, it spurred support from the top-down.”

Manager of Strategic Relationships and Initiatives, ENA

"I went in for the battlecards and got really excited about the insights. They save so much time, everything I need is clearly highlighted and so easy to incorporate directly back into the battlecards."

Senior Marketing Communications Professional, ENA

"Crayon makes the entire department more efficient. Reducing time and effort is a big deal for me and having something like Crayon to handle competitive intelligence lets us maximize our ability to do all of the other things we have to."

Director of Product Management, ENA

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