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How Kong integrated Crayon into the company's sales and marketing programs, launching dozens of battlecards with a 70% adoption rate

The opportunity

How Crayon helped Alteryx see a 40% increase in battlecard adoption across thousands of users in the first 60 days of launch.

The opportunity

How Crayon helped Salsify see a 22% increase in competitive win rates in the first year, with 78% of all competitive revenue influenced by their battlecard program.

The opportunity

How Crayon helped ConnectWise achieve a massive increase in competitive intelligence adoption, with the global sales team now relying on battlecards and other competitive assets to close more deals.

The opportunity

Kong is a leading developer of cloud API technologies and is renowned for its widely adopted API gateway. As the company ventured into new product areas, it encountered competition from both large and small players. To address this, they sought a competitive intelligence platform to support and bolster their go-to-market strategy.

The results

Kong selected Crayon and went through a lightning fast onboarding process. Right out the gate the team integrated seven tools from their tech stack with Crayon, launched 12 new battlecards to the field, and generated $3.6 Million of influenced revenue in a mere 120 days.

“The Crayon platform was the clear fit. We knew Crayon could help our teams access the necessary intel to win more competitive deals.”

Product Marketing Manager, Kong

“Our goal was to get Crayon onboarded and into the field’s hands as soon as possible.”

Product Marketing Manager, Kong

“Having integrations set up helps the sales team find what they need right when they need it.”

Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager

"A sales rep recently told me Kong’s competitive intelligence program is one of the best he’s ever seen."

Head of Product Marketing, Kong

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