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Entries related to: competitive-analysis

3 Qualitative Data Sources You Should Use in Your Win/Loss Analysis

Performing a win/loss analysis is one of the single most valuable things a product marketer can do for their company. It helps sales understand why they are winning (or losing) deals, pushes marketing to refine their messaging and tactics, and informs the strategy of the product team by having them evaluate their roadmap.

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What is a SWOT Analysis? Let’s Start with the Basics

In order to win a market, you need to know where your company stands in the competitive landscape and where you have opportunities to grow. One analysis that can help your business grow is a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis allows you to dig into your strengths and weaknesses, and explore the opportunities and threats in your market. A SWOT analysis is not only great for business strategy, but it’s a robust competitive intelligence tool.

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How to Do a Win / Loss Analysis (with Examples and Resource Links)

Why are we winning or losing? How often do we win against competitors, or in the enterprise, or in the healthcare vertical? The answers to these questions are crucial to understand how to build a successful business and improve across sales, marketing, product, and services. How do you gather and analyze this data? Let’s dive into what a win / loss analysis is, how to calculate your win / loss ratios, and best practices for cutting the data to discover insights for improving those win rates.

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Competitive Matrix Examples: 5 Ways to Compare Competitors

Analyzing your competitive landscape is key to understanding where and how you fit into the market of available solutions. Plotting and comparing solutions in a competitive matrix allows you to gain perspective and insight about where you fit into the overall playing field - how you stack up and where your strengths lie. Effective competitive comparisons start with benchmarking your own company and creating a framework to evaluate each solution across a set of dimensions. Here are a few types of competitive matrices that can provide insight into your market landscape.

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