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Entries related to: product-marketing

How to Use Product Launch Retrospectives to Improve Your Strategy

Product launches require a lot of hard work, planning, and execution when done well. In order to put together a top-notch program and continue to improve on that program, you should always conduct a retrospective. This will help you and your team identify what worked, what didn’t, and how you can improve your approach for your next launch. Let’s walk through everything you need to know to conduct your next product launch retrospective.

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How Product Marketers Can Make Competitive Intelligence a Priority

These past couple of months, I’ve had the privilege of speaking at the Product Marketing Community events to talk about how product marketers can leverage competitive insights to drive revenue. During my conversations with these product marketers, one theme that stood out was that product marketers have a difficult time prioritizing competitive intelligence (CI).

A few things I heard:

“I wish we were doing CI more consistently, but we just don’t have the time.”

“Ugh, I’m so bad at keeping up with our competitive intel. It’s been ages since I’ve really sat down and looked at it.”

“It’s so important—we just simply don’t have the headcount to dedicate to it right now.”

Simply put—many product marketers don’t have time to do competitive intelligence effectively, and therefore it becomes deprioritized. It isn’t surprising—product marketing teams are notoriously understaffed, have very little budget, and are often juggling many competing priorities from various stakeholders.

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Product Marketing vs. Product Management: Understanding the Two Roles

Product Marketing and Product Management are integral roles in every product-focused organization. Both roles have their own unique responsibilities, but in order for a company to be successful, these two teams need to divide and conquer product tasks. Creating, marketing, and iterating on products would not be possible without collaboration between the two teams. So, where exactly is the line between the two departments? Let’s take a look at how product marketing and product management differ, and how they work together for success.

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7 Tactics for Designing an Effective Pricing Page

When a webpage is redesigned, there’s a lot we don’t publicly see - the long process of planning, perhaps some A/B testing, and, finally, the execution. Rarely is a redesign done in a vacuum, but rather it’s done with the intent that the changes will attract and engage more of your prospects. When it comes to a pricing page, you want your prospects to be able to get all of the information they need, have a positive user experience, and ultimately decide to take a step forward in being a customer. Here are eight companies that use different tactics to display their pricing and benefits effectively on their websites.

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