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Messaging vs. Positioning: Defining These Go-to-Market Staples

If you have ever found yourself instantly drawn to a particular product, it is probably due to a highly effective campaign from the company’s marketing team. That campaign began with an internal strategy that included positioning the product in front of your eyes and then pulling you in with a powerful, luring message.

Positioning and messaging are both essential elements of successful product promotion. While they differ in their methodology, they form the nucleus of a product or service launch. How does each element play a role, and how do they work together? 

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10 Tips For Nailing Your Product Launch

The following post was written by Jake Godgart, Product Marketing Manager at Rapid7. He’s helped lead go-to-market efforts, launched industry-leading products across multiple verticals, and partnered with sales teams - both large and small - to help the team win. When he’s not translating product functionality into customer value and helping to close deals, he spends time exploring new restaurants in Boston or trying to (unsuccessfully) recreate their dishes.

Each product launch is like training for a race. You set up your timelines, train hard, and when it comes to race day, it’s all systems go when the gun goes off. But the path to the starting line is never cookie-cutter or straight. There’s a ton of action items that happen as you prepare and execute that make the launch a success. Many aren’t as simple as writing a datasheet or creating a narrative for how your feature helps the customer. Many are continuous or behind the scenes that help make the launch smoother from start to finish. Below are ten tips I’ve used, beyond the tactical execution, that have helped me nail launches in the past.

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3 Lessons from Product Marketing Experts That Will Take Your Career to the Next Level

Career advice - some of it’s good, most of it’s bad, and yet we all seek it. We spoke with some of the best product marketers about their careers as part of our spotlight series, and here are some of the lessons we learned so far.

Lesson #1: Time is your most precious resource—treat it carefully

There are thousands of articles out there on prioritization and productivity—we’re obsessed with getting more done with less time and resources. However, these product marketers believe you should be very careful when selecting projects you want to take on, and similarly—be as careful in choosing which projects you don’t do.

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Three Strategies for Product Marketers to Gain Influence Within Their Organization

Product marketers sit at the intersection of every team in the organization - between Marketing, Product, Sales, Services, and Executive Leadership. They affect, and are affected by, every area of the business. Yet despite their wide-reaching role, product marketers rely on influence, rather than authority, to get their critical tasks done. How can a product marketer gain the influence they need to be effective? Here are three key strategies product marketers can use to have the impact they desire.

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