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Construction Software + Crayon

Construction Software Company Keeps Pulse on the Market in Just 30 Minutes a Day, Driving Strategic and Tactical Actions Across the Business

The VP Marketing at a construction software company has seen a lot of change in the space over the last few years. While the company grew to 4500+ customers and 13 products, they also saw the number of competitors grow from two to over a dozen. “The industry had been slow to innovate, but it’s changing rapidly and new firms are growing quickly,” the VP Marketing shares.

The team had tried other competitive intelligence products but ultimately never saw results from those solutions. The company cancelled those subscriptions and relied on ad hoc CI efforts. But this approach left them in a reactive mode - simply monitoring competitors in the news meant they were late to catch competitive shifts and, on top of that, they weren’t looking at the broader, rapidly changing market.

The VP Marketing knew they needed a new approach, and when he came across Crayon, “it sold itself.” Crayon provides real-time intel on a competitor’s complete presence - beyond their website to employee reviews, social media, etc. - on an economical platform.

"It's addicting. I have six tabs permanently open in my browser, and Crayon is one of them."

VP Marketing at Construction Software Company

As a marketing leader in a competitive industry, Crayon has become an essential tool in his arsenal. “I check the intel in Crayon daily and alert my team when there’s something to act on. Keeping a pulse on our competitors also allows me to answer questions with confidence in executive meetings. I’m always in the know, so we can make decisions based on real market data.”

The impact of their competitive intelligence program is far-reaching, and the team has driven actions based on intel across all areas of the business. In one week alone, he:

  • Saw their own social media manager had changed their publishing strategy, and was able to meet and discuss a new approach for the coming year.
  • Noticed more customer reviews were coming through a site they had de-invested in. Upon investigating, he found the site had rolled out a critical update and met with the team to re-evaluate their review site strategy.
  • Found a competitor released a new product video on YouTube, so he sent it to the sales, executive, and product management groups with an overview of the new features. The video also included competitive positioning, so he formulated a strategy for those teams to use.
  • Uncovered several competitors’ internal intel through employee online reviews, which he summarized and shared with the executive team.
  • Saw a competitor improved a customer services program, so he alerted their own services and executive teams to encourage more development in that area to better compete.
  • Analyzed trends in competitors’ content initiatives to adjust their content strategy.

There’s an incredible amount of intel available online, and there’s no more economical way to do that than with a technology platform, the VP Marketing recounts.

"Crayon is 10x better than hiring two full time people to do competitive intelligence. In fact, even if you hired a team, there’s no way a person could find this level of broad intel, at scale, in real-time."

VP Marketing at Construction Software Company

“The ROI of having a pulse on the market is massive. In just 30 minutes a day, I can keep up with my entire market, including competitors, customers, and our own company. If I’m in a competitive market, Crayon will be with me on day one.”

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