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Arm Your Sales Team With Dynamic Battlecards

Nothing tanks a deal like outdated intel. Win more business with battlecards that automatically update in real time.

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Spend less time updating
and more time winning

Manually updating static battlecards is a hassle—and making sure each sales rep is using the most up-to-date versions is next to impossible. With Crayon, you can connect your battlecards to your continuous feed of competitive intel and ensure that everyone has access to a real-time source of truth. You save time, and your reps close more business—that’s a win-win.

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Competitive intel: available anywhere + everywhere

Between prospecting databases, automation tools, and content hubs, your sales reps are juggling enough as it is—they’re not interested in adding another platform to their workflow or app onto their mobile devices. That’s why Crayon makes it easy to access battlecards directly within Salesforce, HubSpot, Seismic, Highspot, Slack, and so many more places that are already part of your sales tech stack.

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Improve results over time

If you want to compete like you mean it, you can never grow complacent. Change is a constant, which means there will always be a battlecard that could be stronger—more capable of driving a deal to completion. With the help of Crayon’s quantitative usage metrics, you can identify which battlecard needs improvement—and why it needs improvement—in a matter of minutes.



Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Upserve
By staying on top of the competitors, we’ve been able to arm our sales team with actionable insights that they can act on immediately. As a result of Crayon, our win rate against our top five biggest competitors has improved by 54%.

It's time to Compete Like You Mean It.

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