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Crayon Launches the First Competitive Intelligence Partner Directory to Help Companies Find the Perfect Partnerships for Revenue Growth

15 Companies Included In the Initial Launch with Plans for Additional Expansion

BOSTON, MA, March 21, 2023 — Crayon, the premier competitive intelligence (CI) platform, today announced the introduction of the CI Partner Directory, a listing of competitive and market intelligence providers equipped to supercharge a company's intelligence efforts. The new site helps companies discover and choose the best possible CI services and software solutions. Crayon partner organizations listed in this first of its kind directory are categorized by services provided and industry specialties — ensuring companies find the perfect partner for their use case.

With an initial 15 partners included in the directory, Crayon will continue to expand its partner network, helping Crayon customers and non-customers alike find the right intelligence provider to meet their needs. The services offered by partners in the directory range from win/loss interviews, surveys, and analysis to product development and positioning to voice of the customer and retention analysis. While the companies included in Crayon's CI Partner Directory can help any revenue team looking to close more deals and retain more business, Crayon customers will receive exclusive discounts when pairing with one of the companies in the directory.

"Our customers know how critical competitive intelligence is for driving more revenue and are often looking for the right partner to ensure they meet their goals," said Jonah Lopin, co-founder and CEO of Crayon. "With the launch of Crayon's CI Partner Directory, we're providing a one-stop shop for companies to learn more about the CI solution providers on the market today and find the perfect partner to help them achieve success."

“Companies that have a deep understanding of their competitive landscape are companies that win and grow,” said Tim Rhodes, Managing Director of Apprize360, a competitive intelligence firm and Crayon partner. “Achieving this level of competitive knowledge isn’t something that happens overnight but can be accelerated with the right partner. Crayon’s CI Partner Directory will help make the best connections for companies looking to improve their CI programs with an eye toward growth and we’re delighted to be part of it.”

"When it comes to conducting a successful win/loss program, independent consultants are often best positioned to get the unbiased customer feedback needed to help companies win more deals," said Ken Schwarz, Managing Principal, PSP Enterprises, a Crayon partner. "Discovering how prospects perceive a company and their competitors is invaluable and it's something win/loss experts can deliver. This is why we're so excited to partner with Crayon — through the new directory we'll bring the benefits of win/loss services to CI-committed companies."

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