Crayon & HubSpot: Competitive Intelligence for the Modern Enterprise

Win more business, save more time

With Crayon for HubSpot, you can arm your team with key competitive insights right where they already work: HubSpot. 

Don't leave your sales team to fend for themselves in competitive deals. Win more business and spend less time figuring out how to beat competitors by providing them with key insights.

Crayon & HubSpot (1)-1

Meet your team where they already work

Crayon battlecards can be accessed right where your team already works: in any contact, company, or deal record, in any version of HubSpot Sales Hub. 

Battlecards are updated with real-time intel identified by Crayon's best-in-class intelligence monitoring, and usage of each battlecard can be measured to ensure maximum engagement.

Updated Hubspot bcard overview

Neutralize competitors with critical insights

Curate battlecards with critical insights informed by Crayon's continual flow of competitive intel. 

The seamless integration with the full Crayon platform means salespeople can easily add field intel, comment on battlecards, and ensure that tribal knowledge becomes a competitive advantage.

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