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Losing a deal to a rival is preventable—if you’ve got sustainable competitive content that’s always within reach


Your sales team knows the truth: win or perish (and there’s no third option)

Salesforce has all the info that your colleagues need to win more deals—but without sustainable competitive intel that's easy-to-access, they’re only getting half the story. Embed a set of best-in-class battlecards directly into each opportunity record to give your sales reps real-time CI data without making them leave their everyday CRM platform.


Want your CRO to believe in your CI program? Use a KPI with a $ next to it

Our innovative Influenced Revenue metric draws a straight line between battlecard adoption and the ROI it drives. Powerful analysis tools measure engagement with your CI deliverables—valuable data for when it’s time to ask: “why is sales rep X winning (or losing) competitive deals?”


Get more competitive “wins” (by knowing what led to the losses)

Dynamic win/loss analysis tools can help you track your company’s performance against your rivals, and reveal the reasons why opportunities are ending up Closed-Won (or Closed-Lost). Easy-to-embed graphs ensure your whole team understands market pressures and how they evolve over time.


Rally the troops and create a competitive culture they’ll want to be a part of

Amplify competitive conversations by empowering your sales team to submit field intel for the broader org right within Salesforce—eliminating 1-to-1 information sharing (where good data goes to die). In-line commenting helps create a feedback loop so you and your colleagues can build a better battlecard together.



Director, Market &
Competitive Intelligence
at Affinity
With Crayon's Salesforce integration, our reps can stay in one user interface when they’re looking for competitive information—they’re not switching back and forth. If we can keep them in their platform-of-choice, they’re much more likely to use the information.

Putting Competitive Intelligence In The Hands Of Your Sellers

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