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Uplevel the way your team shares—and consumes—competitive intelligence, right from within their preferred communications platform

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Alert your team about the latest CI developments, automatically

Shine a light on urgent pieces of intel by instantly sharing them to Slack—along with the key takeaways your team needs to compete. Use Crayon’s automation to effortlessly deliver the right insights to the relevant Slack channels.

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Capture valuable intel about your rivals—right from where
it’s discussed

A powerful two-way integration allows your team members to send competitive intel from their Slack conversations into Crayon in a matter of seconds. Empower the entire organization to contribute to your CI program and grow a culture of competitive excellence.

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Curated competitive insights that your entire organization can read—and talk about

Don’t overwhelm or confuse your organization with a firehose of data. Get the most important intelligence delivered to your chosen Slack channels in real-time: whether it’s an individual insight, a curated set of talking points, or a link to an entire battlecard.



Product Marketing Leader
at Rapid7
We use the Slack integration to push and capture intelligence out to the field. Now, we have over one-third of our organization using Crayon in one way or another.

Helping Your Entire Team Compete Like They Mean It

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