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Connecting Crayon's industry-leading CI software to Gong’s conversation intel tools will help you unlock reality so you can compete like you mean it


Turn your good sales reps into great ones

When Gong’s powerful AI recognizes chatter about your rivals in conversations with prospective customers, Crayon will automatically send a battlecard packed with rich competitive intel directly to your sales reps’ inboxes. From there, they can follow up with a compelling response, tipping the competitive scales in your favor so they can close that deal.


Never miss a beat on your competitors

Powered by Salesforce and integrated with Gong, Crayon’s competitive win/loss analysis tools help you stay proactive by delivering weekly reports straight to your inbox. We’ll tell you who you’re competing with and how often, as well as who on your sales team has first-hand experience to share.

Unlock the value in your sales reps' conversations today—and stay one step ahead of the competition.


Stop playing the telephone game with your field Intel

The vital pieces of competitive data that you get from your colleagues are often incomplete or skewed. Remove the middleman by connecting Crayon with Gong. This exciting integration lets you pull in competitive insights right from a call recording—in your prospect or customer’s own words. That way you keep valuable intel from getting lost in translation. (Coming Soon)



Product Marketing Manager at Greenlight Guru
Gong and Crayon makes my sales reps a part of our competitive intelligence process’s an always-on, set-it-and-forget-it system that I’m confident is going to help us win more business.

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