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increase in battlecard adoption

"Crayon lets us scale to the thousands of go-to-market colleagues who we want to support with competitive intelligence."

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$6 Million

in influenced revenue achieved in less than a year

"Competitive intelligence needs to be as easy as possible for sales reps to consume. Crayon is the ideal solution to meet that need."

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increase in competitive win rate

"Crayon allows you to read between the lines of what your competitors are doing and quickly implement that into your enablement motion."

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Competitive intelligence shouldn't feel like a chore.

Crayon monitors your competitors and alerts you to relevant intel, allowing you to focus on high-impact work—like enabling sales—without fear of being blindsided.

Competitor Monitoring

  • Intel in your inbox Start your day by reviewing the high-priority insights that Crayon automatically surfaces to your inbox.
  • AI news summarization Crayon automatically distills articles about your competitors into takeaways that you can share with colleagues.
  • AI importance scoring Efficiently analyze changes in your competitive landscape by sorting insights from high to low importance.
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Content Creation

  • Battlecards Put the intel sellers need to win competitive deals at their fingertips in Salesforce, Slack, Highspot, and other tools.
  • Announcements Spotlight recent insights and battlecard updates that will make it easier for sellers to win competitive deals.
  • Newsletters Keep everyone at your company up to date on the latest changes in your competitive landscape.
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Sales Enablement

  • Intel at your fingertips Find the intel you need to win competitive deals in Salesforce, Slack, and all your other favorite tools.
  • Team leaderboard Learn from your teammates who consistently win competitive deals.
  • 1:1 Coaching Get help from your manager as they monitor your performance against the competition over time.
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Performance Metrics

  • Win/loss analysis Prioritize competitors with data that tells you which ones give your sales team the most trouble.
  • Engagement data Identify who is and isn't using battlecards and how that affects their performance in competitive deals.
  • Influenced revenue Show senior leaders the amount of revenue that your battlecards have helped the sales team close.
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Learn how to understand and outsmart your competitors

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Crayon Academy

Learn how to build battlecards, predict competitor moves, and more.

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State of CI Report

Benchmarks & best practices based on a survey of 700+ people

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Battlecard Templates

Get a head start on creating battlecards that your sellers will love.

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No more manual competitor research

Get a demo to see how Crayon monitors your competitors, alerts you to relevant intel, and enables your sales team to win deals.