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What is product marketing?

Conducted with the intent of generating awareness, adoption, and advocacy, product marketing is the discipline dedicated to positioning, pricing, and promoting solutions to prospects and customers alike.

Product marketers are highly skilled professionals tasked with a wide range of duties, including (but not limited to):

  • Market research
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Positioning & messaging
  • Pricing
  • Product launches
  • Sales enablement

Due to the far-reaching nature of the job, product marketers often serve as the "pivot points" of their organizations, facilitating communication and alignment across sales, marketing, customer success, product management, and the C-suite. Accordingly, product marketers tend to make terrific practitioners of competitive intelligence—a function that, in many ways, is all about bringing people together.

Guide to Aligning Prod & Mktg Teams

Featured Resource: Guide to Product & Marketing Alignment

A quick Google search reveals that there's endless content on the subject of sales & marketing alignment.

But what about product & marketing alignment?

In this guide created specifically for B2B organizations, we break down why it's critical to align your product and marketing teams and discuss 3 specific areas of focus.

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