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  • Republic Day Celebration 2017 at Sharda University

    India as a nation has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world, witnessing a steady growth in this flailing global economy. On this day, the 26th January, 68 years ago, India established itself as a sovereign state, giving birth to the Constitution of India and like always, it celebrated this glorious day […]

  • India: An emerging market for International Students and the Reasons Why

    The Indian Education system is on the road to a fast growth. The current higher education participation percentage is 18% which is expected to rise 30% by the year 2020. The Central Government has set this target to make Indian higher education impeccable, which seems achievable going by the new policies being introduced. Indian education […]

  • Quick Hacks for Job Search

    It does not matter if you are a fresher or a person who has just resigned from the job. Job hunting is always excruciating. Especially, when there is so much of competition around. Talk about any field, engineering, medical, architecture, creative writing, graphic designer, and there are thousands of talented applicants who claim to have […]

  • Effective Ways to Make the Most out of Holidays

    If you listen to the music from store speakers, read the advertisements in television and radio, and go through the steadily increasing weight of holiday catalogs, you would presume that holidays are all about fun, frolic and food. The holidays are much more than just these things. They can also become times of stress, and […]

  • The ABC of Relaxation

    Relaxation is a destination, and there are many ways to reach it. Some paths are much talked about, some others are untrodden. Here is an easy way to learn how to relax – and it only takes a few minutes. This ABC method works as a re-energizer and also can fit in well during your […]

  • Hands up for HIV prevention: The SMSR’s Awareness Programme to commemorate World AIDS Day

    With nearly 37 million people living with human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, according to the World Health Organisation, AIDS is one of the major health challenges looming over the world. If reports are to be believed, there are about 2.6 million people who are newly infected per year. By destroying CD4 (T-cell) lymphocytes, it weakens […]

  • Are you a graduate with a successful career plan

    In today’s war of talent with thousands of college graduates hunting for a job every now and then, landing a dream job after graduation can be tough. Career planning is indeed quite imperative for millennials to get a great career option matching their best interests. Every individual must give a consideration to the process of […]

  • Follow These Smart tricks to be a Wordsmith

    ‘Vocabulary is a matter of word-building as well as word using’ A person’s vocabulary is like his closet. Some words are recurrent, in conversation with friends, typing chat messages, casual emails, etc. And then, there are some words used occasionally, exclusively on special events, like in resumes, email to new business clients, application to the […]

  • Sharda University awarded for distinct measures in the field of Education

    Education and business are two dependable spheres. The business sector depends on the skilled manpower or human resource graduating every year. Down to this, universities and higher education institutes are expected to produce students who are ready to take up jobs in different regions of the world. Inter-country relations strengthen up on the basis of […]

  • At the heart of Continuing Dental Education Programme

    Whether you’re planning to make a career in Aesthetic Dentistry, which is all about ‘smile designing’ by improving upon the colour and shape of their teeth or want to be an independent dental surgeon to meet oral health needs of your patients, the Continuing Dental Education (CDE) Programme is a key recommendation and necessitated because […]

  • The art of personal branding

    Discovering what makes you special and communicating with the right people at the right time is the art of personal branding. This eventually helps you to improve your value, which is your brand. To put into simple words, personal branding is what people say about you when you are not present in the room. Personal […]

  • A boost to Indian Education Market: Double Growth by 2020

    Since the time the new Central Government was ruled to power in 2014, hopes from them have been high. Like other sectors, the Indian education system is also expected to witness exemplary improvement. The academicians expect the Government to take important steps. They opine that the unwanted void of good universities and colleges needs to […]

  • NCC for Women Giving Them Robust Values

    The National Cadet Corps (NCC) was formed in India in the year 1948 with an intention of promoting leadership qualities amongst youngsters. The initiative focuses on inculcating leadership, sportsmanship and enthusiasm in the cadets. While the participation of boys in sports was decent, girls needed a bigger push. A new wing in NCC was started […]

  • Workshop on Professional Development: How Convenors & Students can Enhance Skills for Employability

    Clearly to thrive in today’s age of global competition, it becomes significantly necessary for the graduates to be “corporate-ready” to attract both better career opportunities and maximum learning. Job seekers and employers are constantly in need of a different mix of skills rather than just a wealth of theoretical knowledge. With this requirement, the graduates […]

  • Sharda University’s Autumn Festival – A Celebration of Art & Culture

    Sharda University’s much-hyped autumn cultural fest was held at Greater Noida campus from November 11th to November 18th. The 3rd edition of Inter School Competitions was lined up with a diverse conglomeration of 60+ cultural events, sports activities, a broad spectrum of fun activities and a few workshops. The most exciting annual Inter-School Competition ‘Autumn […]

  • 4 type of mentors you need in life to succeed

    The world today is confronting edge-to-edge competition. From a young age, a person tends to feel the pressure; pressure of becoming intelligent- more intelligent; smart- smarter with every passing day. He is expected to have perfect looks genetically, and if not, then acquire them by joining gyms, going to beauty centers, etc. However, this process […]

  • Top Five Choices If You’re Planning For Post Graduation

    Each year, a large number of students enroll in post-graduation courses in India. It is generally observed that Bachelor’s degree is no longer enough for getting a well-paying job. Acknowledging this, many students are opting to study PG programmes to open the doors for lucrative job opportunities and steady career progression. Also, there are students […]

  • When RJ Naved visited the Sharda University

    The auditorium was fully packed and the audience was enthralled. The occasion was special as the students had gathered to meet the man behind the distinct voice. Sharda University students geared up on the 29th of September 2016 to welcome the person with a meticulous voice and exemplary wit, RJ Naved from Radio Mirchi, 98.3 […]

  • Handy Ways To De-stress Yourself During Exams

    If you’re stressed and left with no choice except drowning in a sea of books while preparing for your semester/ annual examinations, this is your reality check: Exam Blues. Rising Stress Levels. Post-crying-mini-breakdown session. Lack of Concentration. And the pressure of meeting the unreasonable expectations set by parents and teachers to do well in exams. […]

  • The Importance of Internships in Boosting your CV

    Internship programs are like sneak peaks into the corporate world. They provide a great help in letting the students know if they want to pursue a career in one field or not. Almost every college today encourages its students to take up internships. Reason? – competition! Therefore, the students are made aware of the corporate […]

  • Voice Modulation and Phonetics Workshop for the Journalism & Mass Communication Students

    Effective communication is a powerful tool to convince, compel and persuade people. A great orator speaks in such a way that others love to listen to him. Voice modulation and makeover, a well-known term for the professionals working in the field of journalism and communication, is a pre-requisite if one wishes to enter the world […]

  • Euphonic Yoga: The way to own oneself

      Yoga is not merely a physical practice of the ancient time, it is a medium of finding trustworthiness and peace within oneself. This incredible mode of recreation gives endless benefits to mind, body and soul. Yoga is one of the few processes that detoxifies the mind and body both. Music has a strikingly similar […]

  • For Universities, UGC Shifts the focus now on quality education

    Towards the creation of world-class universities, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has taken a new step by encouraging universities and educational institutions to go for a National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) certification. This way, UGC signals the universities to put much more emphasis on the quality of education instead of giving immense importance to […]

  • SADMS Students go click-click at photography workshop

    Reporting events is no longer sufficient and photography is the need of the hour with the constantly evolving field of journalism, as it stands today. As the cliché goes, a picture does speak a thousand words! So, to transport the readers (or viewers) directly to the heart of the story, it is necessary to strategically […]

  • Let’s​ ​Take​ ​a​ ​Bold​ ​Step​ ​Towards​ ​Better​ ​Tomorrow​ ​on​ ​International​ ​Car-Free​ ​Day

    It was a beautiful day marked with a truly good beginning on September 22 as many enthused motorists were observed celebrating International Car-Free Day on Thursday and opting for cleaner modes of transport in order to reduce pollution, greenhouse emissions, accidents and traffic congestion. Though the city has a low share of people willing to […]

Sharda University

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  • Sharda University Steeps in Fun Mode celebrating Fresher’s Day with Team ‘Banjo’

    It is an ancient practice to welcome new members of a family and get them accustomed to the core values and rituals. The first year students of any college are like new members of that institution who behold a million dreams in their eyes and await the beginning of a new chapter in the book […]

  • National Level Awards for Excellence in Best Architectural Thesis Design

    The School of Architecture and Planning (SAP) of the Sharda University hosted the prestigious National Level Awards for Excellence in Architectural Thesis B. Arch. Level – 2016, which is jointly conducted with JK Aya Best Architecture Student of the Year Award by COA to honor the National Winners & National final Runners-up of ‘Best Thesis […]

Sharda University

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  • An Applaudable Step for a Cleaner India: Swachh Pakhwada Organized at Sharda University

    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a cleanliness mission led by the honorable Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. It is a step in the direction of bringing out a constructive change that India has been awaiting since long. The movement has brought people from different backgrounds, religions, sects together to behold the spirit of patriotism towards […]

Sharda University

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