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  • Chanhassen Family Dentistry

    Industry: Dental Practice Website: 30 years ago, when Chanhassen Family Dentistry first opened, there were only two other dentists in their trade area. Now, there are 12. We help them keep their chairs full and their dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants busy. Design Applied consistent branding to various direct mail and print advertisement designs to […]

  • Davis Cabinetry

    Industry: Cabinet sales & installation Website: The options of cabinet manufacturers, woods, configurations, designs, finishes, hardware run into the hundreds of thousands. Instead of creating a huge and unwieldy website for our client, we made judicious use of data and images from suppliers’ websites and packaged them into an easy-to-use format. Website Created second-generatio...

  • Flexmation

    Industry: Manual and LEAN production equipment Website: / The owners had a five-year growth plan that necessitated an updated web presence and and sales tools. We contributed to their success by garnering a larger audience for their products. Website Created second-generation website and ecommerce store. Created written content for website. Worked closely with […...

  • Quantum Controls

    Industry: Electronic control assembly manufacturing Website: Quantum Controls was interested in updating their online look, and message, to attract new clients. Of primary importance was to differentiate themselves by promoting their “all under one roof” design, prototyping, and manufacturing capability. They have garnered a number of new clients because of our partnership. Br...

  • VanTech

    Industry: Mobile hydraulic systems integration Website: VanTech wanted to “up their game” by increasing their profile in their marketplace. We remade their branding, created a website with client testimonials, and streamlined their marketing materials. Since first working with them, they have doubled their employee count and tripled their office space. They have also been […]

  • Welcyon

    Industry: Fitness club Website: We began this relationship by creating and implementing Facebook advertising for their franchisees. When one of their marketing employees left, we were given their responsibilities at a savings of 25%. We helped them grow their franchisee count grew by 100% and member count by 157%. Website Maintained website content with […]

  • Websites

    Building a Place Where Visitors Turn into Leads Websites are much more than a landing place for online advertising. We design sites that help visitors choose you by presenting relevant information in simple, concise ways.

  • Design

    Turning Ideas into Memorable Images Good design makes people feel good about you. We help you portray your organization’s ideas, services, and products with memorable and compelling designs for print ads, marketing materials, and online advertising.

  • Afinia Label

    Industry: Commercial label printing and finishing equipment Website: / This relationship began with the purchase of a few embroidered shirts, and grew into responsibility for lead generation in 55 countries. Over time, we absorbed the duties of three of their marketing employees (due to attrition) and helped increase their equipment sales revenue by 461% for the A...

  • Afinia 3D

    Industry: 3D printing and scanning equipment and supplies Website: We began working with Afinia 3D during their non-disclosure phase. They were created by their parent company as part of a diversification and growth strategy. By liberal use of social media and testimonial creation we are able to assist in growing their sales to become […]

Scott & Associates, Inc.

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