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  • Engaging Participants During Your Video Conference

    The most challenging part of a video conference isn't the planning or the technology. Instead, it is actually engaging your participants as effectively as you would at a face-to-face event. Fortunately, many of the same strategies you would use in person can be applied for video conferencing, albeit in slightly tweaked formats. If you are planning a video conference in Palo Alto, California, work ...

  • How Court Reporting Machines Work

    The first question many people have when they see court reporters in action is how they manage to type so fast. The secret is in the court reporting machine. When you hire a court reporter in Palo Alto, California, he or she will bring a stenotgraphy machine that allows him or her to report what is being said with incredible speed and accuracy. Here's a closer look at how it works. Court reporter...

  • Tips for Speaking Through an Interpreter

    Whether you need an interpreter in Palo Alto, California, for your business or for a legal proceeding, there are a few strategies to keep in mind to ensure that the translation is as simple and accurate as possible. If you are using an interpreter for an upcoming business meeting or a legal proceeding, keep this advice in mind to avoid any issues. Speak Directly to the Intended Audience When y...

  • A Look at Pulone Reporting Services

    When you're in need of professional court reporting near Palo Alto, California, Pulone Reporting Services has the skilled team you need to get the job done. Watch this video to learn more about our court reporters and the services they can provide. We have been providing court reporting services to the legal community in Palo Alto since 1978, and since then, we have built a reputation for first-r...

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