MacPaint, Ltd

MacPaint, Ltd

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  • Work Makes the day

    People world over derive a sense of satisfaction from their work. Our sales team is highly responsive to our customer’s needs. With strong sales, we have enough work to keep ourselves happy indefinitely.

  • Here Comes the Sun

    Rainy weather is clearing up. With clear skies and a fresh pack of roller knaps, there is nothing we can’t do.


    Hiring a professional painter rather than painting yourself makes what would’ve been a good paint job GGGRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

MacPaint, Ltd

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  • Macpaint, Always Prepared

    Unlike some of our competitors, we brief our painter’s on their responsibilities and make sure they are prepared for work every day. This builds relationships within the company and aids us in providing superior customer service.

  • Lions, Tigers, and Rain Oh My!!!!

    The Hampton Roads September rains strike again! Rain isn’t a painter’s friend, but we have some indoor jobs to keep us busy.

  • We have the best customers in the world!

    The title says it all. We are blessed with the best customers a company could ask for. Thank you for your business, and thank you for putting a smile on our faces!

  • New Painters

    We’ve hired 3 painters in the last 2 weeks. Two of them, Leon and Kevin, have done outstanding work for us in the past. The third TJ, is a young man with incredible promise. Stay tuned for new painter bios in the near future. We are proud of our employees.

MacPaint, Ltd

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  • Everything is coming up roses at Macpaint

    With a positive attitude, cooler weather, and the best customers a company could have, things are just swell at Macpaint. We’ve made some great new additions, including another team member with extensive compliance and safety knowledge.

  • Glazing Windows

    In our work we come across older houses that need windows to be re-glazed. Glazing windows takes a bit of practice and, if you’re not careful, can break the window. The first step is to remove the old glazing. Generally the older the glazing the easier it is to remove. If if is sticking a … Continue reading Glazing Windows →


    We’ve been doing what we love most, painting. From Portsmouth to Toano, Macpaint is proud to beautify Hampton Roads. While we are looking forward to cooler weather, it’s always a beautiful day when you love your work.

  • Before & After Pressure Washing

      Before Washing After Washing Driveway Cleaning

MacPaint, Ltd

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