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  • Mass10 - 360° Experience

    Ideal for applications where access is restricted, Mass 10 is the new lightweight modular system from Mabey. It is suitable for propping, needling and wall forms and is compatible with the existing Mabey formwork and propping product range.

  • Steel Ladders - 360° Experience

    Epoxy coated steel ladders for all your access needs.

  • Supershaft Brace - 360° Experience

    Super Shaftbrace is a strong hydraulic bracing system. It extends the range of Shaftbrace up to 16m excavation.

  • Supershaft Plus - 360° Experience

    Supershaft Plus is suitable for supporting excvations to give clear openings in exess of 30 meters.

  • Quickbridge - 360° Experience

    Mabey Quickbridging is a modular, all steel system engineered to provide an off-the-shelf solution to your bridging requirements. Developed by our in-house engineering team, the Quickbridge product range has been designed to provide safe, simple and rapid solutions to requirements on both site and public roads. Based on a standard module width of 1.725 metres, units are located side by side to pro...

  • "Keeping the country's infrastructure open for business"

    National newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky introduces a film, produced in association with the Chartered Institute of Building, which focuses on the advances that Mabey is making with its monitoring capabilities, to the benefit of the construction sector.

  • Box Ladder Access Platform - 360° Experience

    The Box Ladder Access Platform can be used in conjunction with the Box Edge Protection system. Provides safe and secure ladder access into any excavation. Ladder can be secured in either left or hand or right-hand orientation.

  • Culvert Puller - 360° Experience

    The Culvert Puller is designed for the installation of square or rectangular pre-cast concrete culvert sections. Each puller has a maximum pull capacity of 10 tonnes. Can be twinned to increase capacity. Contact our Design Engineering team to discuss your specific requirements. Operating heights covered (internal culvert height) range from 825mm to 3275mm.

  • Groundworks - 360° Experience

    Operating from 17 different locations around the UK, Mabey Hire Ltd is a leading supplier of non-mechanical plant hire equipment that serves a diverse range of industry operators. It provides its customers with engineered modular and proprietary temporary works equipment for ground support, formwork, falsework, propping, jacking, temporary bridging, road barriers and a wide range of other systems....

  • Manhole Box - 360° Experience

    The range of Mabey Manhole Boxes are designed for use in conjunction with our trench lining systems, allowing rapid manhole construction. Allows installation of manhole rings up to 3m in diameter. Suitable for trench depths up to 5400mm. For all queries regarding our manhole boxes please contact the Mabey team today.

  • Manhole Ring Lifter - 360° Experience

    Manhole Lifter is ideal for lifting and transporting manhole rings, cones and base units. The mechanical operation of the Manhole Lifter is capable of lifting the ring securely, thus eliminating the requirement for special slinging points.

  • Manhole Shutters - 360° Experience

    Mabey Adjustable Steel Manhole Shutters simplify the creation of circular formwork for creation of uniform thickness concrete surrounds to pre-cast concrete manhole rings. Please contact us for all enquiries regaring our steel manhole shutters and we will be happy to help.

  • Manhole Safety Platform - 360° Experience

    The Manhole Safety Platform provides a safe and secure area for operatives to work from whilst installing manhole equipment. Designed to fit onto manhole rings between 1050mm and 2100mm in diameter. A safer working environment ensures your site conforms to current legislation as well as reducing accidents. Barriers can also act as gates, allowing operatives safe access to the platform. www.mab...

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