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  • Brookwood School Launches "Inspiring Leadership" Plan

    Brookwood School in Thomasville, Georgia has completed and launched their recently developed strategic plan.  Their planning process took place throughout the 2015-16 academic year and launched last spring and early fall to excellent support from faculty, staff, board of trustees, and the surrounding Thomasville community.  Predicated on the theme of "Inspiring Leadership",...

  • Our Shifting Economy

    I've just spent the weekend in Los Angeles attending a conference at MosaicLA, a spiritual community of faith, hope, and love.  Truth be known, it was an opportunity, in between client visits in Southern California, to spend the weekend with my daughter who attends college in LA.  The faith conference featured spiritual thought leaders from throughout the West and the World...

  • Exploring Emerging New Economies

    It seems to me that we have a new normal among consumers in North America.  The traditional "luxury" economy that provided high end good and services to well-heeled consumers shows signs of weakening.  And, it is giving way to new forms of economies, such as the "green" movement, the "experience" economy, and the "simplification" consumer.  And, this could spell tough news...

Ian Symmonds Associates

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  • The Rise of Micro Schools as a Broader Reflection of Culture

    I have been thinking a lot about the constant conundrum of independent education and financial and market sustainability.  The model just does not work and I believe has run it's long course.  Normally, this thinking leads me to thinking about market retraction, which leads to school consolidation and collaboration, and often extinction.Today, however,  I got thinking about...

  • University School of Jackson Launches Strategic Plan

    The University School of Jackson in Jackson, Tennessee launched an ambitious strategic plan to a large audience of parents, faculty, staff, and students gathered at the school just before Labor Day.  Ian joined head of school Stu Hirstein to describe the 18 month process that created a bold roadmap for the future.  “Program, people and place are what it’s all about,” Hirste...

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