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  • 2 -day Adventure in Badagry

    Badagry is a city of secrets but its charm is far more than its natural beauty. This small coastal town located between Lagos and Seme Border is surrounded by creeks, islands and a lake. Badagry was infamous for her involvement in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Despite the upheavals of the

  • Best Restaurants in Warri

    The food scene in Warri is an interesting one. Many people know Warri for the waffi pidgin and hilarious comedy. However only few know Warri for its cuisine. Eating out in warri is an exciting experience because of the diverse local flavours. Warri know dey carri last, lets check out

  • Best Restaurants in Kaduna

    One thing Kadua is famous is its rail and road junctions. Kaduna is a major transportation hub for the neighbouring agricultural areas. This makes it a melting pot for people of diverse ethnic groups. This diversity has found its way into the food scene in Kaduna. In KD, as it

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  • Best Restaurants in Kano

    Welcome to Kano, the commercial nerve center of the North. As large as the city of Kano is, several restaurants that suits different tastes and preferences dot the magnificent city of Kano. However, due to the high influx of of foreigners in Kano, you find a lot of restaurants serving

  • Abuja To Kano: A Road Traveller's Guide

    Kano is an ancient city located in the north western part of Nigeria. Abuja, the FCT is located about 470 kilometres south of Kano. The city centre of the FCT is in the northern corner of the territory, so there have always being relations between the Hausa people of the

  • Abuja to Enugu: A Road Traveller's Guide

    Abuja is 470 kilometres away from Enugu, the capital of Enugu State (also known as the coal city) and it will take about 7 hours to get to Enugu from Abuja. Travel between this route is very popular especially around the end of the year, as Igbos generally spend the

  • Why You Should Do Your Lagos House-hunting in The Rain

    When it rains in Lagos (and boy, does it rain a lot), the ambiance is different. The beauty usually fades into the flood and only returns when they recede.

  • Best Restaurants in Calabar

    Food is literally everywhere in Calabar. Asides having an impressive of tourist attractions, the city of Calabr has a lot to offer as well in terms of food. Here in Calabar, you find restaurants that cater for every taste and fantasy you may have. Lets check out the top restaurants

  • Lagos to Jos By Road: A Road Traveller's Guide

    Lagos is in south-western Nigeria and Jos, the capital of Plateau State is located in the north-central region. Trade between these two places is more common than would be expected given the distance, but both are quite old cities that flourished even during the colonial era, so the route is

  • Benin To Lagos: A Road Traveller's Guide

    Lagos is about 300 kilometres due west of Benin City and a popular destination because of its status as a commercial hub. Trade relations among both cities have gone on for decades and a lot of people constantly ply this route for both business and pleasure. The most popular road

  • Benin To Abuja: A Road Traveller's Guide

    The ancient city of Benin is the capital of Edo state and one of the major cities in the south-south. It is home to the Bini people and is known for its bronze sculptures, vibrant people and an ancient monarchy dating back to the 1100's. Abuja is the Federal Capital

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  • Jos is a Cold, Dusty, Barren City And I Absolutely Love It

    (Full disclosure: the featured image is not of Jos. Everything else in this post is.) Jos is as Jos does, I should warn you. If you want to stare at rock formations for hours on end until you are sick to your stomach, this should absolutely be your stop. I

  • Why Hotels Are the True Measure of a City's 'Bourgeoisie Count'

    (New York, 1930) The tale is told (but not often) of a hotel keeper in the delightful city of New York who once made this remark about hotels and the services which might be associated with them: "We have fine hotels for fine people, good hotels for good people, plain

  • Abuja to Jos: A Road Traveler's Guide

    Road travel between Jos is both common and necessary. Common because of the short distance and trade relations between the two cities, and necessary because there are no fligts from Abuja to Jos. Whether you're going to be driving your own vehicle or you'll be using public transportation, or shotgunning

  • Best Restaurants in Yaba

    The food scene in Yaba varies from the Fast Food restaurants to the indigenous Restaurants. Are you new in the Yaba area? Or you work in the one of the startups in the Yabacon Valley, you would want to check out one of these restaurants. You will always find somewhere

  • Best Restaurants in Surulere

    Surulere is a very populated residential and commercial area of the Lagos Mainland. If you live or work in the mainland, you will know that there a host of place to go satisfy your taste buds. From Nigerian cuisine to intercontinental, you can always find restaurants that suits your taste

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