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  • Improving Your Water Footprint

    Dangers and solutions to fossil fuel energy have been front and center for so long you may not have heard much about the more endangered natural resource, water. Margaret Catley-Carlson, Vice-Chair, World Economic Forum comments, “Water is an astonishingly complex and subtle force in an economy. It is the single constraint on the expansion of every city, and bankers and corporate executives have c...

  • Green Laundry

    Your washer and dryer use, whether in-home or at your local laundromat, prove to have its own earth draining effects simply when you do laundry. National Geographic reports that washing machines take up about fourteen percent of household water use (do the math for coin operated setups). Combined, this creates such a draw off natural resources that saltwater begins to infiltrate drinking water due...

  • Green Tips for Fall Trips

    Experiencing the crisp, colorful, cold days of autumn can be a real treat. Whether high in the mountains or deep in the forest this season offers many breathtaking, blue skied days. Take a gander at these green tips for fall trips before you step out into it all. Some may be a reminder while others could raise an eyebrow on how to get the most green when traveling amongst this spectacular third se...

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  • Your Autumn Footprint

    As autumn fast approaches your seasonal green senses should be tingling. Entering a new chapter in the yearly seasonal cycle means taking a look at ways you can keep your Eco-friendly habits going at full throttle. This fall, keep in mind these ways you can lower your autumn footprint. Use Natural A/C The fall climate sweeps across each state in its own way allowing less air conditioning which oft...

  • September is Food Safety Education Month

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, a good portion of the food that ends up making people sick is contaminated before it reaches the home or restaurant. So far in 2016, this has included listeria (in 400 products), E. coli (causing 46 incidents), and Salmonella (sickening 41 individuals, from both alfalfa sprouts and pistachio nuts). Those are the ones we know about. Each ye...

  • Green Natural Cleaning Ingredients

    You may think it’s a no-brainer when it comes to the benefits of natural cleaning ingredients. Yet, so many still purchase conventional choices they know are loaded with toxic chemicals. Today, non-toxic cleaning products are not only made from safe ingredients but have always done the job only chemical products were thought capable. These green natural cleaning ingredients just may raise an eyebr...

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