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  • The Anatomy of Zero Energy in the Arc House

    Net-Zero Energy Features Super-Insulated Shell Advanced Windows Efficient HVAC and Appliances Integrated Solar with Battery Storage Passive Solar Design Energy Use Feedback

  • Environmental Horror Show Goes On with Potential Fracking in the Gulf

    Last week, a sinkhole dumped 215 million gallons of radioactive water into the Florida's aquifer. Now, the Feds are set to allow poisonous fracking in the jewel-like Gulf waters For an interactive version of this Center for Biological Diversity map, click here. When you think of a fracking site, the image that comes to mind is probably a bare-scraped well pad in a rural or maybe su...

  • Will the Other Bill McKibbens Please Stand Up?

    Its time for everyday climate heroes in the building industry to lead by example. WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE BILL MCKIBBEN? If you’re holding a conference on saving the world, who comes to mind as a keynote speaker? Bill McKibben. If you wrote a book about living more simply, who will sing its praises on the back cover? Bill McKibben. You might start to think that Bill McKibben the only pe...

  • Video Explains Why Arctic Ice Melting is On Cataclysmic Trajectory

    The data continues to look worse, and this video explains just how dire the situation is:  

  • Advice from the Industry’s Best on Selling and Marketing Green Homes

    Yesterday, Green Builder Media hosted a webinar on selling and marketing green homes with CR Herro, VP Environmental Affairs for Meritage Homes. As always, CR delighted the crowd with compelling advice and unique insights into how to turn green building—considered a chore by some builders—into a brilliant business opportunity. Builders haven’t historically been known for their marketi...

Green Builder Media, LLC

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  • Slashing Emissions from Fossil Fuels Burned in Buildings

    By Merrian Borgeson and Pierre Delforge The “decarbonization” of America’s building is critical to reducing carbon emissions by at least 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050, the amount scientists believe is necessary to avoid the worst effects of climate change. California, long a national and world leader in fighting climate change, is already beginning to take a look at how to redu...

  • ORNL Refrigerator Cools With Magnetism, Not Freon

    Some metals do a remarkable thing when they’re placed within a magnetic field: They heat up. Remove the magnetic field, and they grow cold. It’s not difficult to see how this heating and cooling, known as the magnetocaloric effect, might be put to good use. Refrigerators and air conditioners could not only become more energy efficient but also be freed from century-old technology that ...

  • Passive Capture of Solar Energy is a Design Priority

    Capturing Solar Energy for Home Heat ONE OF THE KEY POINTS I drive home to students in my passive solar design classes at the Evergreen Institute is to design new homes and businesses around the Sun. Put another way, the passive capture of the solar energy for home heat should be the central organizing principle when designing a new home.

  • Minnesota Salvaged Appliances & Building Materials Sellers Join Forces

    The goal is to make reused and donated building materials easier for low-income residents to access in the Twin Cities area. As reported by Better Futures Minnesota and Habitat for Humanity are opening used building-materials, appliance and fixtures stores within a block of each other on a mile of Minnehaha Avenue S. between 26th and 38th streets that featu...

  • A Reality Check, Anyone?

    The only thing as bewildering as the endless parade of behemoth footprint projects offered under the TNAH program is this stale and disingenuous justification coughed up in each and every cycle to explain them. One year ago, in the September 2015 edition of Green Builder, I employed this column to draw attention to the issue of house size. In the process, I called out the then newly announced “of...

Green Builder Media, LLC

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  • Minnesota Solar Non-Profit Rreal Hosts Local Gala to Raise Money for Low-Income Solar Installations

    The Rural Renewable Energy Alliance is doing good work, combining a positive mission with renewable energy and now, beer. What's not to like? I visited with Jay Edens, director of Rreal on a trip to the midwest last month. Edens has created an unlikely oasis of solar hope (i know that sounds cliche', but it's simply true) in the middle of rural Minnesota. Pine River. Population 900 pl...

  • Codes and Climate

    Codes are designed to keep homeowners and building occupants safe and protected. They play a critical role in protecting the environment as well. The connection between codes and the climate may, at first blush, seem oblique. However, the two are intricately connected. Codes are designed to make homes and buildings stronger, safer, healthier, and more durable.  They’re designed to imp...

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