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  • Let Us Get to Know UPI

    Executive Summary – Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has been launched to facilitate transfer of funds between persons/organisations via smartphones. You do not need cash/card for money transactions. Once you download the UPI app and register, you can receive and pay money using your virtual address and M-PIN. UPI aims to simplify transactions, arrest tax evasion thereby boosting government revenu...

  • Protect your home with Householder’s Policy!!!

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  House and its belongings are the most important assets and we take utmost care to protect them, yet there is always a risk of damage or theft. Householder’s Policy is the solution through which one can transfer the risk by insuring the structure of the house and its belongings. Be it Electronics, Jewellery, furniture or the structure the policy provide cover in case of damage t...

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  • Review - How to Win Friends and Influence People

    Executive Summary- 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' written by Dale Carnegie has valuable advice on how to interact with people to achieve success in personal and professional lives. It gives insight into how to handle relations with people, be well-liked, influence others and be a popular leader. It has been a best seller for many years now and is relevant in today's digital age as well....

  • Investor Visa Programs

    Executive Summary – Developed countries want money to be pumped in their economy. They have investor visa programs through which foreigners wanting to get residency in their countries can invest certain amount for a specified number of years and get special visas. There might be other conditions like employment generation, age etc. that need to be fulfilled. The U.S with its EB 5 visa program offe...

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