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  • Making a Smooth Switch from Your Current Merchant Account Provider to the Next One

    If for whatever reason you’re dissatisfied with your current payment processor, it is time to jump ship. It makes no sense sticking to a firm with high rates, service problems, poor customer support or any other issues that impede your peace of mind. Unless it’s done in the best way possible, moving from one merchant […]

  • How to Build a Successful E-commerce Website

    If you’re thinking of starting a business, the internet is a vast sea of customers waiting for you to take a dive. Unfortunately, launching an online store from scratch is never easy. Of course, you could get someone to build the site for you, but then comes the issue of marketing and getting some customers. […]

  • How Electronic Check Payment Processing Works

    If you have been running a business for a while, the chances are high that a customer has requested to make payment using an eCheck. However confusing merchants find this method, they often choose to let their payment processors handle the technicalities. And when disputes later arise, the trader is left with little to do, […]

  • Why Accepting Credit Cards is Essential to Your High Risk Business

    A merchant not accepting credit cards in today’s age and time loses a lot regarding sales and profits. Many customers see credit cards as a safer, less cumbersome way of carrying large amounts of cash and making purchases. If your business doesn’t give them the option, they’d rather move to your competitor than adhere to […]

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  • Asia’s Trillion Dollar Electronic Payments Problem

    Taken globally, the electronic payments industry is almost as fragmented as the mobile messaging industry for platforms like WeChat (China), Line (Japan), Viber (Philippines), and others. In North America, PayPal and its subsidiaries Venmo and Braintree play a dominant role in the electronic payments market. In Africa, Kenya’s M-PESA is the top player. It serves […]

  • Why You Should Use a Separate Merchant Account for Each E-Commerce Website

    Statistics show that the majority of multiple business owners use one merchant account for all their payment processing needs, and we don’t blame them. After all, it is simpler and much easier to manage. However, smart entrepreneurs choose to open a separate account for each new business. Why? Let us elaborate. 1. Different levels of […]

  • A Look into the World of High-Risk Merchant Accounts

    High-risk traders face many challenges, but acquiring a payment processing solution is arguably their biggest. That said, the number of companies offering high-risk merchant accounts is increasing every day. So, as a high-risk merchant, you now have more options than ever before. But what are options without information? For you to get the best out […]

  • Common Mistakes Business Owners Make With Their Credit Card Processor

    Payment Processing Companies: The Common Mistakes Merchants Make E-commerce has come a long way. Gone are the days when getting a merchant account for an online business was as challenging as a Greek puzzle. Nowadays, payment solutions are available to even the newest and simplest traders. As expected, merchants are opening processing accounts every day; […]

  • Why Every Online Retailer Should have a Merchant Account

    Unlike physical stores, which can make use of traditional payment methods such as cash and checks, the only way customers can pay an online retailer is through a merchant account. Such an account enables the holder to accept payments in credit and debit card form. With multiple forms of payment at a merchant’s disposal, he […]

  • Online Payment Gateways: What they Are, and How They Work

    If you’re the owner of a brick-and-mortar business, you have probably adopted credit cards as one of the primary methods for your customers to make payments. For that purpose, your merchant account provider has likely installed a point-of-sale terminal on your counter. Despite having the same payment processing needs, online traders don’t have the luxury […]

  • What Your High Risk Merchant Account Provider Should Offer

    Thanks to the rapid popularization of e-commerce, merchant service accounts have become a must-have for every business. Through these accounts, merchants have a fast, convenient and secure way of processing payments made through cashless methods such as credit and debit cards, gift cards and even checks. Merchant account providers come in different shapes and forms, […]

  • POS Card Payment Terminal That is Right for Your Retail Business

    If your business is among the many exploiting their gains on the internet, you need to integrate a payment gateway into your website for easy and direct transactions. Brick and mortar establishments, on the other hand, require point-of-sale terminals for payments. As the owner of such a shop, you might be thinking that once you’ve […]

  • How to Choose the Best Payment solution for Your Travel Agency

    The credit card processing industry currently classifies the travel business among the dreaded “high-risk” class of economic ventures. This due to the fact that most travel agencies finalize transactions prior to the day of travel, which means the customers pay in advance. The early payment leaves the merchants open to chargebacks due to unforeseen changes […]

  • Choosing the Best High Risk Payment Processing Company for Your Business

    For a modern-day business, accepting credit cards for payment is one of the factors that directly impact success. Gone are the days when customers used to walk into a retail shop with loads of cash or a paper check. Today, everyone wants the option to choose whatever payment system is convenient at the time. To […]

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  • A Lawsuit Against N.Y. Debt Collectors

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), an agency of the United States government responsible for consumer protection in the financial sector, and the New York attorney general filed a lawsuit in November 2016 against 2 New York debt collectors. The debt collectors were accused of deceiving and harassing millions of consumers to pay inflated debts. […]

  • Same-Day US Electronic Payments. Prior To Phase 2 of Same-Day ACH

    According to the Electronic Payments Association, almost $5 billion in US electronic payments were brought in on the same day in October 2016. This happened after the adoption of new rules by financial institutions to accelerate the transfers. The trade group stated nearly 3.8 million same-day transfers (the average amount made up $1.303) were registered […]

  • Opening a Merchant Account: A few Things to Consider

    A merchant account is one of the essentials to the success of your business. Cash sales, snail mail, and paper invoices are no longer an effective way to collect payment. If you want your enterprise to grow, you should be able to accept credit cards. And for that, a merchant account is what you need. […]

  • Merchant Identification Numbers (MID) | What You Should Know

    Many questions new merchant account holders often have, involve the numbers that come with their accounts; and one such number is the MID. Of course, we have industrious companies such as eMerchantBroker, where calling customer support will immediately get you the answers you need, but sometimes you just want to read and get done with […]

  • Missing More Card Payments | Increased Card Usage

    Credit bureau TransUnion, an American company that provides credit information and information management services has recently reported missed payments on credit cards issued by lenders are higher than on older cards. Credit Card Processing Almost 3% of outstanding balances on credit cards given out in 2015 were at least 90 days behind on payments 6 […]

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  • False Declines Vs Actual Fraud During Holidays

    Ecommerce merchants are putting all their efforts to protect their business from fraudulent payment processing. Often, eCommerce companies try too hard because of fear of fraud, which results in false declines. The latter is also called false positives and happens when a legitimate transaction is turned down. False Declines False declines are turning into a […]

  • US Retail E-commerce Was Expected To Account For $385 Billion In 2016

    It is estimated that eCommerce sales will reach over $400 billion in the upcoming years. According to Forrester Research, they will account for $414.0 billion in sales in 2018. eMarketer says the amount will reach $491.5 billion in 2018. BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, expected US B2C eCommerce to make up $385 billion […]

  • Global Card Fraud Grows 20%. CNP Fraud Is On The Rise Worldwide

    In 2015, total card fraud taken globally reached $21.84, which is almost 21% higher than the numbers registered in 2014. This is according to The Nilson Report, the most respected newsletter covering the payment systems industry. The US losses associated with global card fraud made up 39% or $8.45 billion; spending volume accounted for only […]

  • Fraudulent Transactions By City And State

    According to the analysis a Silicon Valley anti-fraud technology provider, US merchants who are concerned about card-not-present fraud should pay attention to orders with billing and shipping addresses in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states. The software company examined over 1.3 million transactions from August 2015 to August 2016 and provided analysis for cities and states. […]

  • Older Millennials Show Greater Interest In Using Smartphone Cameras For Authentication

    It’s a common knowledge that millennials love their smartphone cameras and that businesses try to benefit from the growing interest in smartphone cameras. Companies such as Amazon, MasterCard, and Alibaba are focused on figuring out whether smartphone cameras can be applied in the online payment authentication field. A recent report from Osterman Research commissioned by […]

  • The Importance Of Same-Day ACH

    According to new data from the National Automated Clearinghouse Association (NACHA), the electronic payments association that manages the development, administration, and governance of the ACH Network, same-day ACH has successfully started after it was initially implemented in September 2016. In October 2016, ACH counted for 3.8 million transactions making up 55 billion. ACH is the […]

  • Why Canadian Consumers Still Choose Cash For Making Purchases

    Most people in Canada still use cash for making purchases. Payments Canada’s recent report says the popularity of cash has dropped than other payment methods, including electronic, online and cards. The report was written analyzing 20.9 billion transactions that counted for over $8.9 trillion. Payments Canada’s Report According to authors Michael Tompkins and Viktoria Galociova, […]

  • E-Payments | A Holistic Approach

    It’s no surprise that speed plays a key role in payment processing. However, increased speed may result in lower accuracy. B2B transactions should be based on precise payment processing, sourcing and invoicing. Otherwise, the company’s bottom line may be brought into question. Checks Though the modern world of payment processing boasts various technological innovations, checks […]

  • With All the New Ways of Paying – Cash Is Still Popular

    According to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s 2015 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice, though consumers are using new methods to make payments, cash is still popular. It is interesting to note that cash remains the most frequently used consumer payment option. Based on the Fed study last carried out in 2012, cash was […]

  • Walmart And Chase. Agreement On Mobile, Online And In-Store Payments

    Chase and Walmart has recently announced an agreement due to which Walmart customers can use the Chase Pay digital wallet to make payments in physical stores, online at Walmart.com, and using the Walmart mobile app. ChaseNet and ChasePay are to go live with Walmart this year. Earlier, in September 2106, a deal was signed between […]

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  • Merchant Accounts For Adult-Oriented Goods & Services

    The adult entertainment industry has step by step innovated the digital world since the early stages of technology. The first payments processed online and videos streamed and live streamed appeared in the adult sector. Moreover, it helped set up some of the basic lighting techniques applied in fashion photography. Today, it has turned into one […]

  • How to Get a Credit Repair Merchant Account

    Having bad credit is a problem for many business owners, especially in the current economic climate. Merchants with a poor credit history can have difficulty getting approved for business funding. Especially banks and most processors will stay away from a merchant with a bad credit score. Exclusive Merchant Accounts Poor credit is common in today’s […]

  • PayPal for a Merchant Account? Say It Isn’t So!

    PayPal is great for many things, from online purchases to sending money to friends and family. What PayPal is not good for, however, is acting as a merchant account. Many e-tailers do this – and it is one of the worst business mistakes they can make. While the ease of PayPal can be comforting to […]

  • Senator Durbin Seeks Answers from FTC on EMV Certification Process

    The implementation of EMV in the U.S. has been anything but straight forward. Even though merchants were informed years in advance of the Oct. 1, 2015 deadline, an overwhelming number of merchants have yet to shift from signature credit cards to EMV, or “chip and PIN”. Why? U.S. Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) recently sent a […]

  • Being a High-Risk Merchant Might be an Opportunity for Growth

    Learning you’re a high-risk merchant can be a growth opportunity. Many merchants who never considered themselves high-risk businesses are shocked to suddenly learn their bank has deemed them a credit risk. How could that happen? What does the rating mean for their business? Consider the case of Michelle. She has a thriving online retail business. […]

  • Why Offshore Merchants Accounts Are Effective

    Credit card processing plays an immense role in today’s world of eCommerce. Credit card payments are accepted by 99.99% of eCommerce gurus these days. Open an Offshore/International Merchant Account with EMB The majority of payment processors offer a variety of solutions and services, and different merchant accounts. Merchants can now apply either for a domestic […]

  • Cigar And Tobacco Merchants Can Get The Best Merchant Account For Their Business

    Traditional banks and most processors refuse to open an online account for tobacco merchants because the industry is classified as high risk. This means online tobacco and cigar business owners deal with a higher rate of chargeback and disputes. Get the Best for Your Online Tobacco Shop Based on the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco […]

  • My Merchant Account Was Declined. Am I A High Risk Business?

    If your merchant account was declined, and it turned out you were a high risk merchant, get ready it won’t be easy for you. High risk merchants deal with a higher rate of chargebacks and disputes, so this is a major concern for them. Processors Specializing in High Risk It is extremely important for business […]

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  • Airline Merchant Account for Private Charters

    Airline and travel agents find it difficult to choose a merchant service provider. The thing is that airline businesses are labelled as high risk by the credit card processing industry. The reason is that merchants operating in the field are left open to higher chargebacks and payment dispute rates. The latter procedures can cost a […]

  • The Subscription Merchant Account Option That Will Work For You

    Subscriptions are everywhere. Be it a magazine, a supplement, or a makeup subscription box, the world is full of subscriptions whether we realize it or not. When you are starting any type of subscription-based business, it can be hard to find a merchant account. This is because these accounts are considered “high risk” – and […]

  • US Tech Support Companies Looking For a Merchant Account

    Any type of merchant account can be tricky to find, but if you are placed into the “high risk” category by processors, the task if even harder. US tech support merchant accounts are available if you know what to look for. There are special things that merchants should consider before signing on with a merchant […]

  • Travel Merchant Account for Travel Business and Time Shares

    Merchant accounts can be easy to find for many merchants, but for those in the travel industry it can seem like an impossible task. Travel agencies, booking agencies, and websites promoting various issues can be seen as “high risk” by the processing industry, leaving you in a jam. Instead of just Googling for a random […]

  • Merchant Accounts for Terminated Merchants

    So, you are on the TMF file. Do you even know what this is? The Terminated Merchant File is the list you are on when you are closed out from another merchant account. This can seem like the end of the world, but it isn’t. There are merchant account options available – and one of […]

  • What to Look for When Shopping for a Pharmacy Merchant Account

    Do you own a pharmacy? A pharmaceutical firm? A website knowledgeable about all things medicinal? If so, finding a merchant account provider may be hard. This is because the industry is considered “high risk”, leaving you with a higher chance of chargebacks, higher processing fees, and subpar service. There are ways to eliminate the bad […]

  • Shopping for a Tech Support Merchant Account?

    Outsourcing is getting a lot of press, but it is still a big moneymaker. Many are looking to get into the tech support industry, but are not sure how to deal with the funding issues. Funding an outsourcing business is risky, and most merchant account processors will not deal with it. Those who will typically […]

  • What to Look for in an Online Dating Merchant Account

    From Tinder to eHarmony, and JDate, there are numerous dating websites and apps around. There seems to be one for every niche, making this a lucrative and helpful business venture. For those looking for a new business venture, this is great. But, one of the biggest problems comes when you are looking for a merchant […]

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  • Websites are Easing Adult Content Regulations

    Those who have adult-oriented businesses know that the hunt to find a merchant account is tough. Maybe you did luck out with a reliable processor (like EMB), or maybe you have stuck with an online processor. Paetron and a few other “mainstream” businesses are now realizing that this is a lucrative industry – as well […]

  • What You Need To Know About Finding a Payment Processor

    So, you’re opening a business and you need a way to take payments. You will need to find a payment processor – specifically a payment processor that is not PayPal. This can take as little as a Google search to find, but what are you really finding? And what are you looking for? Many startup […]

  • We’re #1! Why EMB Is the Best of the Best According to Top Credit Card Processor

    Gloating is something that we should never do, but when the top industry authority deems you #1, you might as well, right? Topcreditcardprocessorsratings.com has named EMB their #1 high risk processor for the month of July. This is fantastic news! With the number of high risk merchant account providers around, this is an honor – […]

  • Big Banks Strike Back Against Mobile Payments

    Mobile payments are seemingly taking over the processing world, and banks are fighting back. Apparently not happy with these developments, banks are cutting ties with merchants who wish to accept these transactions. While it may seem okay that banks do this, stating that their safety is at risk due to the unknowns with these mobile […]

  • How New Technology Can Aid Collection Agency Merchants

    When you typically collect a payment, how do you do it? By phone? In person? Regardless of the method, the same thing happens: You scan or enter the card info into your terminal, and then wait. You must stay in one place, as the terminal is connected to your computer and to the wall electrical […]

  • The Power of Dynamic CVV against Credit Card Fraud

    Fraud is the biggest threat to the credit card payment industry. Credit card related fraud comes in various forms: Outright physical card theft and Impersonation Hacking Forgery In every case, the criminals always seem to be a few steps ahead of those who fight to eradicate fraud. They tend to use the same technology used […]

  • How Integrating Payments can lower PCI Burden

    Any credit card merchant is bound by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance regulations. As long as your business involves processing card payments, you are required to obey PCI compliance rules. The PCI SSC carries the requirements that help establish the standards and norms binding everyone involved in storing, processing, or transmitting cardholder data. PCI […]

  • A Better Way to Integrate Your Payments into Salesforce

    Salesforce is celebrated by merchants the world over as a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) suite. People use it to: Conduct follow-ups on sales opportunities Track sales leads and monitor prospects Boost customer acquisition efforts Salesforce is trusted to deliver impressing results in each of these areas. It even comes with social media and real-time […]

  • 4 Ways to Ward off Fraud on Ecommerce

    That merchants on the online space should expect increased fraud on the platform is no longer debatable. The rollout of EMV technology in particular is expected to catalyze the shift of fraud from the card industry into the ecommerce platform. The EMV technology is making it virtually impossible for these fraudsters to exploit the card […]

  • Millions of Fake Wells Fargo Accounts | What The Scandal Means For High Risk Merchants

    Have you heard about the huge scandal at Wells Fargo? Well, it’s huge – in fact, millions of fake accounts huge. Yup – employees were setting up fake accounts and credit applications without customers’ knowledge. This can be damaging to any consumer, and merchants, as credit reports typically list any loan or credit card inquiry. […]

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