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  • Meinecke Meters - Model Number Conversion Tool

    by Bill Michie | January 31, 2017 Meinecke Meters were private labeled under the Brooks Instrument name for over 30 years, but were strategically dropped from their product offering in 2002 as they moved into the low flow, flow measurement market. Flow Measurement

  • Accuracy, Repeatability, and Resolution: Applications in Automation and Motion Control

    by RJ Ruberti | January 30, 2017 Accuracy, Repeatability, Resolution. All can be found on spec sheets and manuals, but are often misunderstood, used interchangeably, or just plain confused. Let's review an application example to see how they all relate in practice. Motion Control

  • The Basics of Electric Heat Trace Technology

    by Wes Steese | January 26, 2017 Throughout the year media temperatures may need to be maintained as they are stored or travel throughout the plant. While insulation and jacketing may help, heat trace technologies are often the best solution. Instrumentation

  • Improving OEM Design-to-Commissioning Time with Servo Solutions

    by Steve Dickerson | January 23, 2017 When it comes to precision motion control solutions and high output servo systems for OEM’s, the price vs. performance and reliability tradeoffs are extremely important. Let's talk about the Omron 1S Servo. Motion Control

  • How to Size Pneumatic Actuators

    by Ronnie Moore | January 17, 2017 Pneumatic actuators come in many design types, but all share the same need for basic understanding of how their torque operates a valve. Whether you size a valve yourself, or you get someone else to do it, accuracy is critical. Incorrectly sizing an actuator can lead to a multitude of problems. Pneumatics, Valves & Controls

  • Meinecke Meters - Sample Calibration Report

    by Bill Michie | January 12, 2017 Meinecke's factory calibration certificates can be a bit difficult to decipher the first time you see one, so we have provided the sample certificate certificate above along with a brief explanation below of the typical data found on these certificates.   Flow Measurement

  • How Extreme Environments Affect Hydraulic Hose

    by Kevin Olmstead | January 5, 2017 Normal equipment doesn't fare well in extreme environments. This extends to the hydraulic hose in your machinery should you use it in the heat or cold. Each exposure decreases the lifespan and effectiveness of your hose if it isn't rated for that environment. But what factors constitute an extreme environment? Hose & Fittings, Hydraulics

  • Meinecke Meters - Installation and Maintenance Tips

    by Bill Michie | January 4, 2017 Meinecke's WP/Dynamic Series Flow Meters consist of just three replaceable parts... The Body, The Internal Measuring Unit (IMU) and the Non-Resettable Totalizing Register. Flow Measurement

  • Meinecke Meters - How to Read the Non-Resettable, Totalizing Register

    by Bill Michie | December 14, 2016 With the change to the WP/Dynamic Series in 2002, Meinecke introduced a new US Gallon Register that was both long overdue and considerably easier to read than those found on the older WP-QF Series flow meters. Gone were the multiple dials and the confusion that typically came with them. In their place, came a six digit odometer style rolling register and a singl...

  • How to Migrate from APACS to Siemens PCS 7

    by John Walker | December 13, 2016 If you have the popular APACS Control System, you also have a decision to make. APACS was declared "mature" in 2010 with support only lasting through 2020. This article will discuss phased migration options from APACS to PCS 7. Control System, Migration

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