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  • What is ORM? What & Why Do I Need to Know?

    ORM stands for ‘Online Reputation Management’. Without teaching you to suck eggs; it’s how brands and businesses monitor, influence and respond to any opinions expressed, usually by customers, on various online mediums, such as review sites, forums, social media and even blog posts.

  • Google Visit Tracking and Remarketing Updates

    So, in a month that has seen a near constant flow of Google updates and changes, a further two big changes have been made that could shake up the search engine industry! Continuing the push for a focus on local listings, as well as increasing the way in which AdWords campaigns can be targeted, Google has really been wielding its power this month! So, what are these updates?

  • SEMRush - Why We Use It on a Daily Basis

    Every Digital Marketing and Integrated Agency in the world has their own prefered set of tools that they use and swear by, for various different reasons. However, one of our favourites is also one you can expect to see on any top 5 tools list – SEMRush.  SEMRush was first created in 2008 by a group of digital marketers who saw an industry-wide need for data. Using a pool of databases,...

  • Google Penguin 4.0 Is Here! And In Real Time!

    Everyone in the SEO and Digital Marketing industry will have heard of Google’s Penguin algorithm. In short, it checks your backlink profile and if it deems the backlink profile to be ‘spammy’, you get penalised. On top of that, the penalty can be a nightmare to get out of!

  • Possum Alert! Google's Newest Algorithm Is In Town

    Noticed a change in the local search rankings lately?  Well, that’s all down to the latest algorithm update called ‘Possum’ released by Google on September 1st. Before you panic, here’s a quick rundown of what it is and what it does – basically, everything we know so far about Google’s latest hat trick. From what we can see so far, the update has only impacted rankings on the local ...

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  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Rolling Out Globally

    One thing that Google have really been doing in recent months, is pushing the idea of Accelerated Mobile Pages (also known as AMP) out to everyone who would listen. In fact, back in August they told us that it would be expanding beyond just the top news stories for a search term, and actually being used as part of the search results rankings. So, it’s definitely a really big deal!

  • Discover And Share Great Content With Hootsuite Suggestions

    Finding and sharing valuable and noteworthy content is one of the best ways to add value to your brand or business, or even a personal account. People enjoy reading content, particularly content they are interested in. Therefore, one easy way to get people to engage with you is to share content that they want to read or that appeals to them in the sense that they can engage with or l...

  • Google Updates AdWords Advert Preview Tool.

    The King of the Internet, as we marketers know it, is constantly evolving and shaping the way in which we operate and in the latest series of tweaks, changes and refinements, the Google AdWords platform has updated the preview tool.

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  • Access Denied - How To Deal With The New Keyword Planner

    So, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Google’s Keyword Planner – it was the best tool for finding and researching which keywords and search terms the general public actually use. SEO and digital marketers have been using it for years to create and plan strategies for their clients, both for Paid Advertising through PPC and targeting for Organic Search Results.

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