Brainlink International, Inc.

Brainlink International, Inc.

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  • 5 Reasons You Need Top-Level IT Services in NYC

    There are many reasons not to skimp on your IT support services – especially within one of the world’s most robust and competitive economies. And, if you’re finding yourself trying to cut corners on outsourced IT and attempting to cover a lot of complex computer network issues with a skeleton crew of in-house IT, you […]

  • A Love Letter to CFOs and COOs…

    As the threat of cyber attacks and cyber risk continues to increase, the C-Suite of most major businesses, particularly the CFOs and COOs across the world will have to learn, adapt and build competency to successfully address this critical challenge. There are many creative approaches that CFOs and COOs have employed so far to develop […]

  • Tools of the Trade: 2FA

    Avoid embarrassing leaks – protect yourself with Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Practically every day, we hear about people whose Gmail, Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter passwords have been broken into. Remember John Podesta? Jennifer Lawrence’s “celebgate” phone hack? Crayola sending nude images on Twitter? If you’re in the financial services industry — RIA, or subject to […]

Brainlink International, Inc.

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  • Is your technician using Google to find out how to do their job?

    It isn’t easy finding good help. Recruiting new talent to a business is a costly, extensive process, and the more you try to rush through it, the less you tend to get out of it in the end. The more time and money you spend finding and interviewing potential employees, the more likely you’ll end […]

  • Brainlink International provides E.W. Howell with effective network security and responsive IT support

    When E.W. Howell needed to enhance their network and IT infrastructure, Brainlink International provided the level of knowledge and service they required at a competitive price, helping them to focus on their core business productivity instead of their IT. Founded in 1891, E.W. Howell is a well-established and prominent General Construction and Construction Management firm. […]

  • Learn to fight ransomware before it’s too late.

    Ransomware is likely today’s biggest threat to cyber security around the world, and more and more, it’s becoming the greatest threat to the wealth management sector. According to ICIT, “financial institutions are likely the next major industry to be targeted by ransomware if their systems have not been infected already.” The report further says that […]

  • Raj Goel of NYC’s Brainlink to Speak at Financial Services Cybersecurity Conference

    Goel brings expertise, experience and passion to fourth annual IA Watch Cybersecurity for Financial Services Conference  Raj Goel, CEO of Brainlink is committed to educating business owners and the general public about cyber security and how to keep business data protected. An accomplished speaker, an innovative thinker, published author and IT industry leader, Raj specializes […]

  • Of All the IT Consulting Firms in NYC, We Can Guarantee All Our Claims and Practices

    There are many IT consultants who say they can deliver you quality services. But, how many can truly deliver on their claims? As IT consultants in NYC, we’re dedicated the core foundations of our principles, as well as those of good business ethics – and we prove it with every IT job we do. Our […]

  • Here’s How Brainlink International Delivers the IT Services NYC Companies Benefit From

    We get many inquiries asking us, “Where’s the proof that you can deliver what you say you do?” Brainlink International provides in-depth, end-to-end IT services and support for growing enterprises who desire better security, connectivity, and network performance, and this shows in our testimonials and client loyalty. Our IT network support strategists partner up with […]

  • Exciting News for Those of You Looking for Superior IT Support in NYC!

    Brainlink International is truly a one-stop destination for end-to-end IT services and support. Our IT network support platform goes in-depth, partnering with business owners and their concerns and objectives to render the absolute best IT support in NYC! We’ve rarely had a client discontinue their IT support with us once they’ve experienced the variety, diligence, […]

  • Managed IT Services in NYC Will Save You Money, Time, and IT Worries

    There is a big trend in IT services these days towards having a managed service provider (MSP) handling the overseeing and care of business IT networks. If you haven’t discovered the many ways in which managed IT services in NYC can save you time, money, and worry over the status of your computer network, then […]

  • Brainlink International provides Arbiter Partners with honest and dependable service

    When Arbiter Partners required support to cope with their extensive IT demands, they chose Brainlink International. Brainlink provided an intensive and honest assessment of their systems and as a result delivered vastly effective and beneficial solutions. Arbiter Partners is a hedge fund, and as such it is imperative that their IT systems are consistent and […]

  • Need New Ways To Standardize Your Staff Training?

    SOP Culture Helps You Standardize Your Staff Training Processes Without the right plan, staff training can be a costly, confusing and inconsistent process. Even after the time-intensive process of hiring an employee, training them is a completely new challenge. Ensuring that they sign all the requisite forms, know what they need to know at the […]

  • Brainlink International delivers indispensable support to Halcraft and RNK Distributing

    When Halcraft and RNK Distributing require solid and dependable networking and IT services, they rely on Brainlink International. Brainlink has been supplying Halcraft and RNK with continuous IT, networking, and consulting services for almost 20 years, helping both companies to thrive during their successful partnership.  Cliff Wallach is the co-owner of two companies that service […]

  • Practice makes perfect, both in the kitchen and in the office.

    There’s a lot that separates your home kitchen from that of a three-star restaurant. Obviously, a professional kitchen has some things that you don’t, like industrial grade appliances and storage, a team of experienced chefs working in unison, high-quality meat and produce, etc. When you’re cooking for yourself, or even for your family, you don’t […]

  • Everything you need to know about containers, the newest trend in virtualization.

    Does your firm use old, clunky hardware that eats up tons of space, power, and maintenance fees? Instead of scaling up your physical IT resources as your firm grows, did you know you can do more with less by virtualizing your IT environment? Virtualization has proven to be a game-changing technology, providing efficiencies and capabilities […]

  • Are you still using your Dad’s firewall?

    When it comes time to upgrade your firewall, don’t make the same mistake that everyone else is! Firewalls are a vitally important part of your IT security, and shouldn’t be overlooked or underserved. Unfortunately, so many businesses continue to use the same old Checkpoint firewall technology, updating when new versions are available, but otherwise giving […]

  • Thinking about upgrading Timberline?

    Making a major upgrade to your hardware or software is always a daunting process. You’ve gotten used to your current set up, and the thought of upgrading to a new, unknown and possibly risky version can often convince you to just stick with what you have. So many construction firms like yours are running versions […]

  • Discover Our Reliable IT Support Services for Hedge Fund Industries

    As a key part of the at-risk financial industry, hedge fund industries require spot-on IT support that covers their many contingencies confidently. According to Hedge Fund Compliance, the hedge fund industry has “never been under greater regulatory scrutiny than they are now”. Staying in compliance as well as staying within acceptable operational vectors in terms […]

  • Raj Goel of NYC’s Brainlink to Speak at businesses Tech Fest Conference in Anaheim

    NYC IT Services Expert brings expertise, experience and passion to highly anticipated quarterly tech conference Raj Goel, CEO of Brainlink is committed to educating business owners and the general public about all things IT, especially how to stay secure in an increasing vulnerable online environment. An accomplished speaker, innovative thinker, published author and IT industry leader, […]

  • FTC talks ransomware defense tactics, and Brainlink listens.

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plays an important role in the modern cyber security landscape. Each decision the FTC makes helps to redefine the status quo of the nation’s security and privacy culture, which is why it’s so important to pay attention. Recently, the FTC held their first workshop, “Best Defense Tactics Against Ransomware”, as […]

  • Having a cybersecurity expert on speed dial isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

    Given the ever-evolving range of cybercrime dangers that threaten your firm on a daily basis, it has quickly become evident that cybersecurity can’t be ignored. Where at one time any kind of cybersecurity protection might have been sufficient, only the best is going to be effective in the modern digital world. That’s why it’s so […]

Brainlink International, Inc.

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  • SOPCulture Fridays: The Top 10 Ways SOPCulture makes MSPs More Profitable

    Friday, October 7th, 10:00 a.m. Don’t miss out! This FREE webinar will show you how to: Maximize the return on your investment in your staff. Increase customer loyalty by delivering a consistently high-quality service. Provide more effective security assessment and compliance audits to clients. Increase productivity, boost profitability and much more! CLICK HERE to register […]

Brainlink International, Inc.

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