BNA Smart Payment Systems Ltd.

BNA Smart Payment Systems Ltd.

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  • 5 Important Points You Need to Know about Being a High-Risk Merchant

    High-risk merchants get a bad rap. There are legitimate reasons why payment processors may deny your application, but that doesn’t mean you have to struggle to accept customers’ debit and credit card payments. Legitimate business owners may not appreciate the slight on their reputations, and they may find their growth limited if they can’t get approved, especially if they’re an eCommer...

  • 3 High-Risk Industries for Credit Card Processing

    Credit card processing is almost essential in today’s marketplace. With more people shopping online than ever before, card-based transactions have taken on an added importance. Even brick-and-mortar shops are expected to meet customers’ needs with fast and reliable payment terminals. These developments should represent a win-win situation for both consumers and merchants. Shoppers get ...

  • Can’t Get Approved for Payment Processing? Here’s Why

    It can be hard to empathize with a payment processing firm that has just rejected your application. After all, they are preventing you from entering into transactions with customers who want to pay on debit or credit. But you may not realize that payment processing firms stick their necks out for their clients by their very nature. If something goes wrong, their bottom line gets hurt, ...

BNA Smart Payment Systems Ltd.

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  • Why It’s Difficult to Get Payment Processing as a High-Risk Merchant

    If you have ever had difficulty finding a payment processing company, you know how frustrating rejection notices can be. You go through a lot of trouble to draw up a proper application, only to see that effort go to waste when the processor turns it down. After a while, you may begin to wonder if the procedure is even worth it. But then you remember that you need payment processing ser...

  • 4 Different Types of Point of Sale Solutions

    You can have the most effective marketing and sales strategies in your industry, but your business will still suffer if you lack effective point of sale solutions. These devices allow your customers to pay for goods and services with their credit and debit cards. The terminals securely send payment requests to a processor that relays them to the customer’s bank. If the payer’s account ...

  • How Credit Card Processing Works

    Whether your customers come to your store in person or shop online, credit card processing follows a relatively similar set of steps. These methods ensure that your customers’ data and funds remain safe from fraud and other breaches. Transactions can be cancelled at each of these steps, so you need to understand how the entire procedure works to ensure that you don’t suffer from excess...

BNA Smart Payment Systems Ltd.

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  • The Pros and Cons of High-Risk Merchant Accounts

    Like most things, high-risk merchant accounts come with both positive and negative aspects. Sometimes, they’re a last-ditch effort for businesses that rely on debit and credit card transactions but can’t get approved for a lower risk account. More often, though, they cater to companies with specific needs that other options cannot meet. The type of account that’s right for you will dep...

  • The Stable and Sustainable eCommerce Solutions for High-Risk Merchants

    If you sell goods and services online, you have unprecedented access to potential customers. It’s easier and more convenient to shop with you than to buy from brick and mortar stores. Businesses that focus on eCommerce solutionstake a lot of the legwork out of the process and make purchasing more convenient for consumers. That’s why over 75 percent of Canadians bought from online sourc...

  • What’s eCommerce and How Does it Work?

    If you’ve Googled “eCommerce,” you’ve probably found hundreds of results that give you a basic definition of the term. That may work as an introduction to the concept, but if you want to apply it practically, you need a more specific definition. So what’s eCommerce as it applies to your business?

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