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  • Untimely Petition for Postsecondary Education Support in Washington Divorce

    Under Washington law, courts may order postsecondary support for children in some circumstances, but as a recent case reminds us, it is not automatic. Parents must be sure they understand the child support order and follow any deadlines for filing the petition for postsecondary support.  It is important that parents consult with their attorneys before the child turns 18 or graduates from high scho...

  • Washington Appeals Court Rules Drug Evidence from Impounded Motorcycle Inadmissible

    Criminal cases often hinge on whether evidence is admissible.  Evidence obtained through an unlawful search is generally inadmissible.  Vehicles can be especially vulnerable to questionable searches. A recent case considered whether drug evidence seized in an inventory search of an impounded motorcycle should have been suppressed.  A trooper stopped the defendant for speeding.  During the stop, th...

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  • When a Child Fails to Meet Conditions for Washington Post-Secondary Education Support

    Washington family law provides for child support to include post-secondary education in some circumstances.  Before awarding this type of support, the court must first determine if the child is dependent on the parents for his or her reasonable necessities.  The court has discretion in determining how long to award the support, based on a number of factors.  The statute requires the child to be en...

  • Issues Related to Children in Washington Divorces

    Matters related to children are often the most contentious aspects of a divorce.  Ideally, parents will work together to reach a mutually agreeable arrangement regarding custody, decision-making, and support.  When the parties cannot agree, however, the court may have to decide these issues based on factual findings and statutory requirements. A Washington appeals court recently considered several...

  • State Doesn’t Have to Prove Ordinary Negligence in Washington Vehicular Homicide or Vehicular Assault

    The prosecution is generally required to prove some level of intent, or mens rea, to succeed in obtaining a guilty verdict in a criminal case.  Some offenses, however, are strict liability offenses, meaning the prosecution does not have to prove intent.  A Washington appeals court recently considered whether the vehicular homicide and vehicular assault statutes require the prosecution to prove a m...

  • Complexities of Washington Divorce Involving Division of a Business

    Divorces can be very complicated when a valuable business is part of the community property.  The party who keeps the business may be unable to pay their spouse’s share immediately, resulting in long-term property distribution payments and interest. A Washington appeals court recently addressed these issues in the unpublished case of In Re: Marriage of Cheng.  The wife had graduated from Harvard B...

  • Washington Appeals Court Allows Premises Liability Case to Proceed Against Wal-Mart for Snake Bite

    Generally, a property owner is liable for injuries to its customers only if it has actual or constructive notice of the hazardous condition that resulted in the injury.  Washington law recognizes an exception, however, when the nature of the business and its operational methods make the existence of unsafe conditions reasonably foreseeable.  This exception, set forth in Pimentel v. Roundup Company...

  • Washington Supreme Court Holds THC Implied Consent Warning Not Required

    Implied consent is an important aspect of DUI defense.  The Washington implied consent statute, RCW 46.20.308, requires officers to inform a driver suspected of DUI of certain consequences of refusing or submitting to a breath test.  When recreational marijuana use was decriminalized in Washington, the legislature set a legal limit for THC levels in the blood while driving.  It also added a warnin...

  • Washington Appeals Court Upholds Defense Summary Judgment for “Favored Driver”

    The right-of-way can be an important issue in automobile accident cases.  It can be difficult for a plaintiff who fails to yield the right-of-way to recover compensation from the other driver.  A Washington appeals court recently reviewed a case in which the plaintiff was hit by an oncoming vehicle as the plaintiff attempted to turn left in Colburn v. Trees. The accident occurred when the plaintif...

  • Contempt of Court for Property Damage in Washington Divorce

    Emotions run high during divorce, and sometimes unfortunately the parties will try to hurt each other.  When a party to a divorce intentionally damages property or wastes the couple’s assets, the other party may seek a remedy through the court. In the recent case of In re Marriage of Fellows, a Washington appeals court reviewed an order for contempt of court against a wife who allegedly damaged th...

  • Waste, Separate Property, and Deviation from the Standard Calculation in Washington Divorce

    High-asset divorces are very complex and difficult matters.  It is not uncommon for one party to allege the other has either wasted or hidden assets.  Additionally, the standard calculation may not be an equitable way to determine the appropriate amount of support, so the court has some discretion to deviate from the standard if it considers the appropriate factors and makes findings of fact. A W...

  • Washington Appeals Court Finds Exclusion Appropriate Remedy for State’s Failure to Disclose Witness

    In Washington criminal cases, the prosecution must disclose upon written demand the names and addresses of the people it “intends to call as witnesses . . .” and any expert witnesses it intends to call at trial, if that information is within its knowledge, possession, or control.  The Washington Court of Appeals recently considered whether it was permissible for the State to wait until the day of ...

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