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  • How does Artificial Intelligence affect how you do business?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic at the moment – and it’s going to stay that way. While it might seem, at first glance, like the stuff of science fiction, it’s actually already playing important roles in many systems and services and there’s a good chance that your business is already benefitting from AI, […]

  • Healthcare and Education Falling Victim to Cyber Attacks

    Healthcare and education organisations in Shropshire/the Midlands were today being urged to ramp up security on computer systems amid a rising trend of cyber attacks targeting their sectors. Schools, colleges, hospitals and care homes are among the most likely to be affected by a ransomware attack because of the valuable data and resources they hold, […]

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  • A lesson in “Defence Against the Dark Web”

    One of the more sinister areas of study fans of the J K Rowling books saw the pupils of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry undertaking was Professor Snape’s ‘Defence Against the Dark Arts’. It might seem fanciful when you’re watching Harry Potter and pals on the big screen, but there are disturbing parallels to […]

  • Could Russian hackers reach into your life?

    Who would have thought, just a few short months ago, that we’d be looking at a world which would be hanging on every character of a Twitter presidency?! And part of the reason for that, just might be the way that presidency was achieved. State-sponsored online activity is now a hot topic. The Russians, according […]

  • Focus on added security for IT specialist

    Beefing up customer computer security systems and protecting data will be a focus for investment in 2017 for a Telford IT specialist. Bespoke Computing, which moved to new offices in Stafford Park in 2016, is introducing new and enhanced software and hardware to help clients’ ensure their computer systems are safe not only from external […]

  • Make password security your New Year resolution!

    We’ve all been there. You go to log onto that website you use once in a blue moon and you’re suddenly baffled about the username and password you thought of when you first signed up. And with so much of our lives happening online these days – banking, work, emails, paying bills, shopping – it’s […]

  • A Christmas present worth having…

    Christmas has raced towards us, and if your office is like ours, you’ll have had ‘must-do’ projects which needed to be well wrapped and under the tree by December 25. But even amid the time for family and mince pies, many will still be working. Thousands more people who rely on technology to carry out […]

  • Public WiFi – Handle With Extreme Care

    Many of our day-to-day activities now rely on having access to data. It’s almost unimaginable to be cut off for too long! Generally, we can get by with the allowances our phones have for doing the normal tasks. But when you want a faster connection or to download or watch something that’s going to bust […]

  • Five things which will improve your computer security today

    More than ever, perhaps, this year’s Computer Security Day will have resonance for many people. In 2016, the first tentative overview of the scale of cybercrime in England and Wales discovered there were nearly four million incidents in the past year, involving computer viruses, hacking, and online fraud. Around 1.4 million involved the use of […]

  • Hangin’ Tough with a firewall

    It’s 1990, Madonna’s booming out of the speakers, the dancefloor is packed with ‘Vogue-ing’ clubbers and everyone you know has a Thunderbird (or cider and black) in hand. In the queue are the girls done up in lippy and heels, looking three years older than they are. They’re trying to move away from the drunk […]

  • Act now to beat Microsoft price hikes

    Businesses which rely on Microsoft software and services are facing significant price hikes after the firm announced that it will react to the weak pound in the new year. That’s a large percentage of UK businesses, not to mention national and local government services, which will be affected by what could be up to 22 […]

  • New face joins Bespoke Computing Ltd

    An IT firm that provides tailored solutions to businesses across Shropshire, the West Midlands and beyond has welcomed a new apprentice to its ranks. Sammy Davies, 18, has taken up the role of business administrator, boosting the back office team at Bespoke Computing at Stafford Park in Telford to four. The firm supplies IT hardware […]

Bespoke Computing Ltd

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  • County care home achieves national first on information standards

    A care home has become the first of its kind in England to match NHS information governance standards after bringing in IT specialists to help it update both its technology and staff culture. Marches Care, which runs The Uplands care home, in Shrewsbury, is the first private care home in the country to have met […]

  • Yahoo! breach! proves! we! are! all! targets!

    Probably the final proof – if it were still needed – that everyone needs to take their password management much more seriously came with the revelation that online behemoth, Yahoo!, has managed to mislay half a billion (yes, you read that right) sets of account details. Not only that, but they managed to do so […]

  • Don’t be caught by the Spear Phishermen

    I think we’re all pretty horrified by the news this week that top athletes have had their personal medical data released by hackers who were allowed to break into the files of the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada). It’s impacted on the likes of Sir Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome and multi-Olympic gold medal winning US athlete […]

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