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  • Video of the Week: Most Unsportsmanlike Moments!

    It's football season! The NFL kicked off with a real nail biting game starring the Carolina Panthers versus the Denver Broncos. The Broncos claimed the victory by only one point, but there was more controversy surrounding player Brandon Marshall refusing to stand during the national anthem. It could be argued that this act was both unpatriotic and unsportsmanlike. But to be fair, there has defi...

  • The Insane Music Solos winner is...

    Aside from food, music is probably one of the best things in the world. We don't know about you, but a good beat can always put us in a good mood and get us dancing, even if it's just a little two step! For last week's challenge, we asked you the send us the most insane music solos you could find. Take a look at who scored first place! The winner is: JIKUMAR - 25K Health points Best Violin So...

  • Foodie Friday: Cheesy Bacon & Egg Hash!

    It's Friyay! Weekends are for waking up late and enjoying breakfast in bed. Here at Beezid, we're big on brunches, so we decided to share one of our favorite morning recipes with all of you! Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it's essential that you fill your belly first thing in the morn! Might as well divulge in something rich and hearty since you'll burn off all the calor...

  • Things You NEED To Do Before Summer Is Over!

    Can you believe it's already September? The summer couldn't of flown by any faster and here at Beezid, we're absolutely devastated that the hottest season of the year is quickly coming to an end. But before we whip out the box of tissues and rediscover of all our favorite cozy sweaters, it's time to celebrate the last few fun and sunny days! Here's a little bucket list to guarantee that you end ...

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