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  • Why is Dairy Processing Equipment Skyrocketing in Popularity?

    Equipment frequently used in dairy processing includes homogenizers, pasteurizers, separators, evaporators and dryers, membrane filtration equipment, churning machines, crystallizers, cheese vats and more. This equipment has been used for decades in the production of traditional dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt. In recent years, however, the demand for dairy processing equ...

  • Cell Rupture: Detergents vs Traditional Physical Methods

    Detergents for Cell Rupture Detergents (or surfactants) are used in cell lysis solutions because they disrupt the distinct interface between hydrophobic and hydrophilic systems. They help to solubilize membrane proteins and lipids, thereby causing the cell to lyse and release its contents. Detergents are comprised of a polar hydrophilic head group and a nonpolar hydrophobic tail. Th...

  • Types of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a highly controlled and regulated environment. Almost every process can be automated; and there is a piece of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment involved in every step. Below, we have highlighted some common equipment used in solid dose (tablet and capsule) and liquid pharmaceutical manufacturing: Processing equipment Agitators: To mix liqui...

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  • Why Scalability Matters for Particle Size Reduction Equipment

    Scalability in Process Manufacturing Process manufacturing is the branch of manufacturing associated with ingredients or raw materials, formulas, and manufacturing recipes. This kind of manufacturing is common in the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, and biotechnology industries. Scalability is a crucial element in process manufacturing, as production...

  • Types of Emulsifiers & How High Pressure Homogenization Creates Stable Emulsions

    An emulsifier (or an emulgent) is a substance that essentially helps in the formation and stabilization of an emulsion. Emulsifiers are surface-active agents that act as the interface between the two immiscible liquids, like oil and water. Emulsifier molecules have a hydrophilic end that forms chemical bonds with water but not with oils; and a hydrophobic end that forms chemical bonds ...

  • How Homogenization Benefits Emulsions in the Food Industry

    An emulsion is a mixture of two immiscible liquids (like oil and water), where small droplets of one liquid are dispersed throughout the second liquid. Emulsions can be classified as follows: Oil in water emulsion – where oil droplets are dispersed in the water phase e.g. homogenized milk or a “creamy” style salad dressing. Water in oil emulsion – where water droplets are dispers...

  • French Press Cell Lysis: How Does It Compare to Homogenization?

    The French pressure cell press, or French press, is a piece of equipment used in laboratories to disrupt cell walls and cell membranes. The French press consists of a hydraulic pump that drives a piston. The piston forces the liquid sample through a tiny valve under high pressure.

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  • Pharmaceutical Size Reduction: How Size Affects Stability, Appearance & Properties

    Particle size reduction in the pharmaceutical industry, or pharmaceutical size reduction, is an important initial step in the manufacture of most medicines. The pharmaceutical size reduction process is also referred to as comminution, diminution or pulverizations. Pharmaceutical size reduction is used primarily for the purposes of control – control of the rates of dissolution and abso...

  • 5 Reasons Why You Need a High Pressure Homogenizer in Your Biotechnology Research Laboratory

    Biotechnology is healing, fueling and feeding the world. Groundbreaking innovations in the fields of medicine, energy and food production are changing the way that we live. In the laboratory, biotechnology harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet. 1. High Yield Cell Lysis DeBEE Laborato...

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