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  • Get a free ColorMatic upgrade if you buy new spectacles now

    BBR is pleased to announce that is it currently offering patients a FREE upgrade to ColorMatic IQ® lenses from leading spectacle manufacturer, Rodenstock. Anyone who purchases new lenses with a Solitaire® 2 coating for their spectacles before the end of November will now qualify to receive ColorMatic IQ® lenses for no extra charge.  These self-tinting lenses will darken or fade depending on whethe...

  • BBR welcomes new way to monitor glaucoma

    BBR optometry welcomes the innovation of a UK-based company that envisions a headset and smartphone app that could one day monitor the eye condition glaucoma – one of the commonest causes of sight loss. Glaucoma is a condition caused by a build-up of pressure in the eye and this pressure needs to be closely monitored so treatment can be correctly administered by either an optometrist or ophthalmol...

BBR Optometry Ltd

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  • BBR optometrist Laura sleeps off her short-sightedness

    As part of National Eye Health Week (September 19-25), BBR optometrist is advocating abandoning your glasses and sleeping off short-sightedness with a novel treatment. Laura Reece is using a system of vision correction called Ortho-K. By wearing bespoke-made contact lenses each night as she sleeps, Laura’s cornea is gently flattened to provide perfect vision for the day ahead. She said: “My uncorr...

  • Jessica developing better eye care treatment for vulnerable patients

    BBR optometrist Jessica MacIsaac is working on developing a better eye care treatment plan for vulnerable groups of patients as part of her studies for a PhD at Aston University. As part of National Eye Health Week (September 19-25) BBR is delighted to announce that Jessica is trialling a mobile treatment service for Dry Eye, a condition which affects around 50million people worldwide and affects ...

  • Independent prescribing to benefit BBR patients

    As part of National Eye Health Week (September 19-25), BBR Optometry is excited to announce that Optometrists Jessica MacIssac, Laura Nixon and Laura Reece are currently undertaking an Independent Prescribing course which, on completion, will enable them to prescribe medication for patients suffering from a range of eye conditions.   Jessica joined BBR Optometry in July 2015 as part of a three-yea...

  • BBR supports National Eye Health Week

    As part of the seventh National Eye Health Week which starts today, BBR Optometry is urging all patients and people living in the area to ensure they have regular eye examinations. The theme of this year’s NEHW, running from September 19-25, is ‘Your Vision Really Matters’ and it aims to highlight the fact there are eight million people in the UK living with sight loss and, for 53% of these, a sim...

BBR Optometry Ltd

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  • BBR to demonstrate importance of correct vision when driving

    BBR Optometry’s chairman Nick Rumney and practice manager Daniel Read are delighted to have been invited to talk to members of the Herefordshire branch of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) about the importance of having the best possible vision when driving.  According to renowned manufacturer ZEISS, on average 83% of spectacle wearers are also drivers, but many do not realise there are sp...

  • Patient won’t be looking back after first successful visit to BBR

    One of BBR’s newest patients – Martin Johnson from Hereford – won’t be looking back after having his first eye examination at Hereford’s only remaining independent optometry practice. Martin has been visiting another optician for more than 25 years but, as with many new patients, he was encouraged to try BBR Optometry by both his business partner and his wife. As a wearer of both contact lenses an...

  • Chairman celebrates 25 years at BBR Optometry

    BBR’s chairman Nick Rumney is celebrating working for 25 years at the Hereford-based independent optometry practice and will be setting his sights on the Big Five when he enjoys a Game Reserve break in South Africa. Nick will already be in the country speaking as part of Eye Focus Africa 2016 and is now extending his visit to go on this fantastic safari. Colleagues also bought Nick, who started wo...

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