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  • Apsalar Debuts New Postback Management System to Ensure Maximum Postback Accuracy and Speed of Delivery

    We’re pleased to announce that Apsalar has developed and deployed an entirely new postback management system to raise the standard in the mobile marketing measurement category by ensuring maximum accuracy and speed. The new system addresses both the profound complexities of delivering accurate and timely information to clients and partners, and the constant growth of

  • Check Out the Apsalar/Thomvest Survey on eMarketer

    We’re so pleased to be included in today’s eMarketer article on the growing importance of retargeting in the app space. From the piece: In August 2016, omnichannel data management platform Apsalar in conjunction with Thomvest, a venture capital fund, polled 146 app marketers worldwide. More than half of respondents said they field re-engagement or retargeting

  • Facebook View-Through Tracking Now Available to All Apsalar Clients

    By Jonathan Chen Director of Product and Support We are excited to announce the roll-out of Facebook view-through tracking for all clients. View-through refers to the ability to credit an ad campaign for an install even if no one has clicked on an ad. The idea behind view-through is that it makes a causal contribution to driving an

  • Apsalar Interview on Thalamus

    If you have a moment, click on over to Thalamus for an interview about app marketing industry trends. From Jim Nichols, Apsalar VP-Marketing. An excerpt: At Mobile World Congress, there was a lot of tension between ad technology companies and ad blockers. How do you think this ad blocking connundrum will play out over the next few

  • Apsalar Good Times Around the World

    At Apsalar, our team enjoys spending time together, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our sense of community with one another. Recently, we’ve had several events that really demonstrate that spirit. In Bangalore, our team got together for a great evening out with VP Marketing and Sales Dayton Keane to throw back a beer,

  • Mobile Marketers Speak Part 6: Four Key Takeaways from the Survey

    We’ve spent the last week reviewing much of the data from our recent mobile marketer survey. Today we’re going to boil it down into fours salient takeaways. 1 The critical importance of data and analysis: Marketers are spending more time and basing more decisions on a real analysis of campaigns, partners and user quality. To

  • Mobile Marketers Speak Part 5: Concerns about App Fraud

    In yesterday’s mobile marketing survey post, we discussed how the spending patterns of app marketers are changing. In today’s post, we’re focused on the risks and costs of app fraud. App fraud is one of the biggest concerns on the minds of app marketers. In our app marketer survey, we asked a series of questions

  • Mobile Marketers Speak Part 4: App Marketing Media Trends

    In yesterday’s post about our mobile marketing survey, we discussed the growing importance of user quality in app marketing decisions. Today we’re going to zero in on how and where our app business leaders are spending – and plan to make their marketing investments. Paid installs are increasing as a share of total installs, according

Apsalar, Inc

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  • Mobile Marketing Attribution Best Practices

    Mobile Marketing Attribution Best Practices Watch this 30-minute Webinar to learn: - What Mobile Marketing Attribution Is & Why You Need to Be Using It - Best Practices on Mobile Marketing Attribution & What Not To Do - Actionable Next Steps To Help You Get Started

  • Apsalar Mobile App Analytics Demo Video 2013

    Apsalar Mobile App Analytics Demo Video 2013 View the demo to understand how to track revenue by campaign source, and measure ROI of your ad campaigns. Get started with the ultimate mobile app analytics package today!

  • Apsalar Starter Kit

    Apsalar Starter Kit Learn how to: - Include Apsalar's SDK in your app - Instrument events in your app If you need integration help or technical assistance contact us at support.apsalar.com

  • ApScience Overview- Managing Conversion, Retention and Monetization of your apps.

    ApScience Overview- Managing Conversion, Retention and Monetization of your apps. ApScience is the future of mobile conversion analytics. Built for app developers and publishers, ApScience helps you manage user conversion, retention and monetization in one app or across multiple apps. With this cutting edge analytics platform, you can pinpoint areas in each of your apps that need improvements, and those that are driving revenues.

  • Apsalar CEO Michael Oiknine at DEMO 2010

    Apsalar CEO Michael Oiknine at DEMO 2010 Video credit: InLab Ventures Apsalar is a mobile analytics platform that provides key metrics for app developers and publishers to: Profitably increase their user base, Deliver a great user experience, and Maximize revenues

  • ApFeedback Overview

    ApFeedback Overview Here's a look at how ApFeedback increases user engagement and helps improve your mobile channel.

  • ApBuzz Overview

    ApBuzz Overview A quick look at how ApBuzz can help get your app discovered.

  • ApFeedback

    ApFeedback Demo of Apsalar's ApFeedback - learn how to create surveys for your mobile app users.

  • ApBuzz

    ApBuzz ApBuzz demo - how to use Apsalar's ApBuzz service to market your mobile apps using Facebook or Twitter

Apsalar, Inc

New blog articles detected

  • Mobile Marketers Speak Part 3: Passion for Quality Users

    In yesterday’s mobile marketing survey post, we discussed how apps make and spend money. Today our focus is on users and how mobile app marketers are spending more time and resources on ensuring they attract and cultivate relationships with high-value users. A few years ago, the three-word phrase that best encapsulated mobile app marketing objectives

  • Mobile Marketers Speak Part 2:  The Business Measures of App Marketing

    This post is part of a series that focus on the results of a recent survey of mobile app marketers that Apsalar fielded in close partnership with Thomvest Ventures. Yesterday’s post discussed what the marketers told us they think about themselves, their teams, and the need for data-driven insights to power more effective marketing and

  • Mobile Marketers Speak Part 1: Mobile Marketing Teams and Challenges

    Apsalar, in close partnership with one of our key investors, Thomvest Ventures, recently fielded a quantitative survey to find out more about what marketers are thinking and doing as we finish out 2016 and head into next year. The quantitative industry survey, conducted in July and August, asked mobile app marketers from around the world


    Editor’s Note: Apsalar is fortunate to work with many of the world’s best app technology and media providers. From time to time, we will be sharing posts written by leading partners on topics we think will be of interest to readers. Today’s post is from the team at Leadbolt. By Dale Carr, founder and CEO,

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