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  • Height Safety: The Top 5 Myths Busted

    How good is your height safety knowledge? With rooftop safety, out of sight often becomes out of mind. Myths and misconceptions develop, and that leads to poor decision-making. Are you guilty of any of these? “It’s not my responsibility” Whether you’re a building owner, subcontractor or designer, height safety is everyone’s responsibility. Morally and legally, […] The post Height Safety: The Top 5...

  • Three Must-Dos to Prevent Rooftop Falls

    If you have employees or contractors working on your rooftop, providing a safe working environment and preventing falls is absolutely critical. Here are the three essential steps to take for rooftop safety: Assess the risks You need to audit current rooftop risks and whether any existing height safety equipment is compliant with Australian Standards. Any […] The post Three Must-Dos to Prevent Roof...

  • 6 Common Height Safety Mistakes

    Whether it’s the wrong choice of equipment or installation issues, height safety mistakes are all-too common. Here’s what to spot in the quest to prevent rooftop accidents: Poor height safety system design Designing a robust height safety system takes experience, a full understanding of Australian Standards, and a commitment to rooftop worker safety above all […] The post 6 Common Height Safety Mi...

  • The Height Safety Dilemma: In-house vs Outsourced

    Many building owners and facility managers face the same dilemma: should height safety compliance be kept in-house or outsourced? Here we explore the pros and cons of each approach. In-house   At an initial glance, keeping height safety compliance in house can look attractive. There are no out of pocket expenses and you’ll always know […] The post The Height Safety Dilemma: In-house vs Outsourced ...

  • Ensuring safety around brittle and fragile roofs

    When construction professionals install roofs, there is an expectation that they will stand the test of time. Of course, with the right materials, tools and expertise, this is often the case – protecting against all manner of weather and environmental occurrences. However, as Australia’s infrastructure begins to age, these surfaces can become brittle or fragile […] The post Ensuring safety around ...

  • When should your business review working at heights standards?

    Effective and positive planning must be top of the agenda for construction business leaders. From project costs and recruitment to communication with other enterprises, the more organised they are, the more likely that everything will run smoothly. It is the same mantra that must be applied to workplace safety planning when there are employees operating […] The post When should your business revie...

  • Ways to prevent falls in the workplace

    We all know working at height is dangerous, but there are real and practical ways to significantly reduce risk every time – and keep yourself or your employees in a much safer environment. According to Safe Work Australia, fall hazards are observed anywhere where a job is being done at height. This can be working on […] The post Ways to prevent falls in the workplace appeared first on Anchor Safe.

  • Know your duties for workplace height safety compliance

    Serious injuries suffered by a subcontractor in Victoria have once again brought height safety in Australian workplaces to the attention of authorities. Despite frequent reminders of risk and regulations to protect people, workers in hazardous situations are still being injured by improper practices, reinforcing the importance of appropriate training and equipment. In September of 2015, […] The po...

  • How to be compliant when installing solar panels in Queensland

    There are many rules and regulations when it comes to working at height. Here, we take a look at Queensland specifically, focussing in on what you and your company can do to ensure personal safety for your workers and legal safety for your organisation when installing solar panels. Building code compliance The Workplace Health and Safety Queensland […] The post How to be compliant when installing ...

  • Promising work-related injury figures still hold height safety warnings

    There’s no doubt that advancements made in the workplace safety arena are intended to reduce the instances of injury and death on the job, and recently released figures seem to indicate that organisations are achieving that goal. The New South Wales State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) has just delivered its Statistical Bulletin 2013/14, which has […] The post Promising work-related injury ...

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