American Christian Fiction Writers

American Christian Fiction Writers

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  • Lessons Learned from Walks on the Beach

    by Mary Ellis Do you remember the age-old story about the starfish? As told to me as a child, a young girl was walking along the beach with her grandfather when they happened upon thousands of starfish left behind with … Continue reading →

  • Let Go and Let God Write

    By Lenora Livingston In my seventy-six years of living, never once in my wildest dreams did I ever envision myself writing a novel. No, not me, no way! In my school days, I always cringed at the very thought of … Continue reading →

  • Real People

    By Georgia Florey-Evans As you might guess from the title, we are looking at characters. Unless I stick with the “Real People” and host a gossip session like none other. When I started writing only three years ago, I was … Continue reading →

American Christian Fiction Writers

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  • The Season Between

    By Chandra Lynn Smith Early morning is quiet these days. The summer songbirds have already moved out. The gaggle of Canada Goose that spent the summer raising young and lazing on my pond have left. The robins, whose arrival indicates … Continue reading →

  • Show Vs Tell Gone Wild

    By Ane Mulligan To draw your readers into your story, you want to create an experience for them. But that experience is filtered through your POV character. You know that already? Good. But are you layering the senses into your … Continue reading →

  • National Forgiveness Day

    By Elizabeth Ludwig The theme in many of my books has been forgiveness–both giving and receiving. It seems fitting then, that that I talk about National Forgiveness Day. This year, it falls on October 29. Who knew? I certainly didn’t. … Continue reading →

  • The Joy of the Lord is My Strength

    By Barbara J. Scott Joy? “What’s joy got to do with writing?” the Grinch would say. Aren’t writers supposed to pour their blood, sweat, and tears onto the page? Aren’t we supposed to suffer for our craft? I remember the … Continue reading →

  • A Different Kind of Contract

    By Nancy Ellen Hird When I first began to write for publication, I heard a Christian business man talk about how he made an employment contract with God. He said it made a huge difference in his attitude toward work … Continue reading →

American Christian Fiction Writers

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  • Sacred September Seasons

    By Christine Sunderland Christian writers are keenly aware of time’s seasons, and today, a few days after September 11, 2016, we remember to remember the New York City attacks, fifteen years ago. In many ways, my most recent release, The … Continue reading →

  • What Not to Wear Writer-Style

    By Melissa Tagg A few years ago, I got stuck in a dress. I mean reeeally stuck. Arms over my head, uncooperative fabric playing boa constrictor with my torso while my sister laughed at me inside the department store dressing … Continue reading →

  • Getting Naked on the Page

    By Lenora Livingston In my lifetime, I have spent a lot of time, money, and effort trying to improve my writing skills. I have taken long courses and short courses, attended writing seminars, and joined writing groups. But the best … Continue reading →

  • Procrastination Explanation

    By Patti Shene Gonzales I’m a procrastinator. The one thing in my life I procrastinate most? My writing. When I was pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at what was then University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo, we … Continue reading →

  • Meet Deadlines with Simple Math

    by Tamela Hancock Murray During your publishing journey you may have the delightful problem of too many deadlines. You may have to ask yourself if you can accept another contract because you’re so busy. I’ve advised many clients about this … Continue reading →

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