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  • Design Agency vs. Marketing Communications Firm

    Often, the folks we talk to don’t really understand what we do as a marketing communications firm. Specifically, they don’t really understand the difference between what we do and what a design agency does. And then Digital Synopsis published an article that unknowingly and perfectly illustrates the point. The title? “27 Funny Posters and Charts that [...]

  • News from the Exciting World of Fonts

    We love fonts. Maybe not as much as ABC’s The Middle character Brick Heck, who created his very own podcast devoted to fonts (or should we say, “fontcast”). But when we saw that fonts were in the news, actual real mainstream news, we couldn’t help but notice that our heart rate increased ever so slightly and [...]

  • Keeping the Conversation Going, Tell a Story

    A few days ago I mentioned an article an AdAge/BtoB article ( telling of comments delivered by Beth Comstock, GE CMO, at the annual Business Marketing Association meeting this week in Chicago. The report was a thumbnail, and I’m sure CMO Comstock elaborated more fully in her address. I’ll use a few of her comments here to springboard into some of my [...]

  • Are Computers Causing Us to Lose Our Peripheral Vision?

    There’s an article in the latest edition of AdAge/BtoB ( admonishing B2B marketers that they can’t sell if they can’t tell a story. Looks interesting. I’ll read it and maybe share a comment here. But seeing the title and scanning the story’s content, it seems to be a basic concept that sometimes gets lost in the early [...]

  • Technology Behaving Badly: Part 1

    This post is part one in a series outlining both common problems that can pop up when you engage multimedia technology in your marcom program, and brief solutions to help correct these issues or to prevent them altogether. It was one of those phone calls I dread receiving. You know the kind: your heart sinks, your [...]

  • The Print-Digital Divide: Guidelines to Bridge the Gap

    Every day I come across more articles touting the rise of digital marketing and social media . . . and likewise, the decline of print ad revenue, the need for printed collateral, etc. Marketing departments are turning to the Internet to reach their customers because they believe that they can get the best “bang for [...]

  • Be Engaging

    According to a recent study conducted by marketing company Alterian, half of the marketers polled believe that social media is the crux of customer engagement. Whether or not you agree with those marketers, communicating with your customers and the marketplace in an engaging way is nevertheless an excellent strategy for capturing attention, gaining interest, and [...]

  • Does your website have anything in common with Uncle Buck’s car?

    Websites have become a key hub for B-to-B marketing communications. They can serve as an important nexus for each marcom channel a business uses to reach and communicate with its customers and the greater marketplace. The dynamics of a website have become even more robust with the introduction and popularity of social media channels. But crucial [...]

  • Turn On Your Outside Lights

    I worked as a 9-1-1 dispatcher and training officer for five years. I worked long, crazy hours taking calls from those who needed immediate assistance, sending the appropriate police, fire, or emergency medical service to the correct location, and providing the caller with a set of what are called “pre-arrival” instructions on actions to take [...]

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