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  • Orders Export and Import Update for #Magento1

    Hi, everybody! Transferring data between different versions of Magento and third-party software became easier, thanks to Orders Export and Import tool. And we have great news! Data Format update is ready to be represented to you. This update allows you to export files to any format. More specifically, in the Data format field we add a new function “enter the expansion format”, which makes conversi...

  • Get reviews faster with Review Booster for Magento 2.1

    Nowadays online reviews are real power. The most detailed product descriptions still could not compare with the traditional word of mouth. According to several researches nearly 97% of consumers read online reviews and 90% claim that positive reviews have definitely influenced their purchasing decision. That being said, providing your clients with the ability to leave feedback helps you to build t...

  • How to use XSL in Magento ?

    How often do Magento users deal with massive data in the XML file? I think, the answer is clear: every time when they want to transfer Orders data between different versions of Magento and third party software. Let’s talk about the magic XSL Language. What is XSL ? XSL is an Extensible Stylesheet Language. The full XSL logically consists of 3 Components ( XSL,XSLT and XPath ), and today we speak a...

  • Recent extensions updates: SUPEE-8788 compatibility

    We are happy to announce that Cost Based Pricing, Multi-Location Inventory and Front-End Editor are now compatible with Magento / SUPEE-8788. We fixed some bugs and added multiple features, so now you could diversify the functionality of your system even more. Not so long ago Magento introduced new security requirements in a form of a SUPEE-8788 patch. Having the patch installed into your ...

  • Orders Export and Import is ready to use for Magento 2

    Orders Export and Import for Magento 2 – is a flexible extension to migrate data between Magento versions and a third-party software in various formats. Orders Export and Import has a great reputation and thankful feedback, using for Magento 1. Now this multifunctional tool is available for Magento 2 to transfer data without any breakdowns. Let’s get a short review. Naturally, you can have a lot o...

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