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  • 6 steps to keep winning in Forex

    Dear Traders, Forex trading is not just about winning trades. To stay on track, you need to learn to accept losses too. The biggest disservice you might do to yourself is let your emotions overwhelm you. Once you do that, you will start losing all the profit you might have previously earned. That's what I want to discuss today. Just remember the old proverb – I may give you fish, but...

  • 9 best steps to approaching trading as a business

    Dear Traders, Most traders believe that they treat trading as a business, not a hobby. But how do you know if you are ready to do trading business? Today's post presents nine fundamental building blocks of any serious approach to trading. Only the most critical elements like choosing the best software are included. Maybe your approach lacks solid business acumen or perhaps it's...

  • Zero to Hero: Learn to trade in 21 Days

    Knowledge is power, but very often education comes at a cost. If you're tired from having to pay enrollment fees, our next offer will be right up your alley. Zero to Hero, the latest educational project of Admiral Markets, is a month-long course designed to fill in the gaps of novice traders. With a helping hand from the leading Forex traders and educators, Chris Svorcik and Nenad Kerkez,...

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  • US Fed decision’s market impact

    Dear Traders, 21 September marks an important event for financial markets, as the Federal Reserve System (Fed) decides their Federal funds rate. Markets are betting the Fed leaves rates unchanged, but nothing is certain. For example, Barclays Investment Bank Economist Robert Martin, believes the Fed might hike this September. I personally don't think the Fed will go up and if you ...

  • ​3 most important trading plan improvements

    Dear Traders, A Forex trading plan is not really different from any other plan you can imagine. It's basically a to-do list for trading Forex online. The main idea is to develop: a set of rules you can implement and adhere to, then your experience of applying them risk and cost free on a demo account, until feeling confident to start trading live. But we have already covered ...

Admiral Markets Group

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  • Top inspirational quotes from famous traders

    Dear Traders, You are probably no stranger to inspirational quotes. Some of them make you want to act: ...while others offer insight and share the nuggets of wisdom. As with any other activity, it's difficult to know how to stay on the right path when you're trading. Luckily, there are meaningful quotes about trading that might help you out. The sheer number of these quotes may seem ...

  • Don’t be scared, get prepared

    Dear Traders,Summer is generally a slow, low liquidity trading period - so Forex trading can be fickle, whimsical, even dull.Not surprising then, that many institutional traders in Europe and North America take their holidays over this time.After all, staring at low activity charts is not going to make you a better trader or more profit.But what happens when you inevitably return from the final su...

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