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  • BOM Manager | Actify Centro

    BOM Manager - Avoid producing from the wrong BOM or file version. Manufacturers must be flexible and responsive to customer requirements. To do this, there is a need to reduce stock levels, customer lead times, product introduction and engineering change timescales. To achieve a competitive edge, effective communication and control of information inside and outs...

  • Data Discovery | Actify Centro

    Data Discovery - Release the business value trapped within your business systems. Today’s discrete manufacturing problems are not about creating more data or buying additional expensive and complex technology, but rather accessing the existing disparate data and gaining insight. Over the years manufacturing companies have spent a fortune on expensive CAD, PD...

  • Job Sheet | Actify Insight

    Business Insight - No more lost or incomplete job sheets. For small to medium manufactures it's not only about just viewing the 3D CAD information, it's also about being able to see the metadata that goes along with that component or assembly which could be material, cost or manufacturing information. Typically, that data lives in a multitude of different databases or co...

  • Automatic file synchronization | Actify Centro

    Automatic file synchronization - How do you manage the speed and complexity of change in business today? Are you still managing your files in a folder structure? Struggling with version control? Files being overwritten? Files being lost or becoming out of sync with other data? Data that is often stored in an Excel spreadsheet? If you’re finding that spreadsheets and ...

  • Duplicate Analysis | Actify Centro

    Duplicate Parts Analysis - Up to 50% of documents in many organisations are unnecessary duplicates. Have you ever wondered how many duplicate parts you may have in your inventory? Ever considered how much each duplicate part costs you? From our work with customers the average annual cost of carrying a duplicate part is around £6000 per annum, and on aver...

  • Data Management | Actify Centro

    Product Data Management - File Managers are unsuitable to manage organisation wide documentation. On average 7% of documents are lost per annum. When files or folders are deleted, renamed, re-located or overwritten and cannot be found. Users can perform all these functions, accidentally or maliciously. Using folder structures increase management costs and...

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