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  • 9 Bad Habits About To Ruin Your Bookkeeping This Year

    Are you worried you might be engaging in some (really, really, really) bad bookkeeping habits? Perhaps some seem bad but not terrible---like overflowing, poorly organized filing cabinets. And perhaps others may be triggering red flags in your mind (is your check ledger sitting on your bookkeeper's desk right now?)

  • When Do You Need to Issue 1099s?

    After failing to pay your taxes, failing to file the appropriate returns is the second easiest way to incur the wrath of the IRS. Your reporting obligations go beyond issuing W-2s to your employees. Many other outgoing payments should be reported on Form 1099.

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  • Resolving the Top 3 Sources of Conflict for Controllers

      Advances in technology are rapidly reducing the resources controllers must devote to routine tasks, leaving more opportunity for strategic planning. The timing couldn’t be better, as competition from global and internet-based companies continues to grow. Controllers are uniquely positioned to add value by spotting areas of opportunity for reducing expenses and using strengths to gre...

  • Angels, Crowds and Seeds: Choosing the Best Funding Options

    Raising capital for your emerging business may seem intimidating because funding opportunities are more diverse than ever. Learn the basics of angel investing, equity crowdfunding and seed funding, and discover how to choose the best one for your company.

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  • How to Create a Travel Policy That Follows Sound Accounting Practices

    When you create a travel policy, your first goal is to reduce risks through standardization and clarity. A close second should be creating a strong accounting system to track your travel expenses. This will allow you to accurately update your books, and with that information, you'll be able to better control your costs.

  • The Art and Science of Establishing KPIS for Professional Services Companies

    Among the hundreds of professional services companies we count as clients, we have figured out one thing that rings true across all of them: there is no set formula for establishing and monitoring KPIs. Even within specific sectors, such as architectural firms or law practices, we have seen client after client tweak the fundamental data behind a KPI to fit their specific needs. However...

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