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  • Tuition fee and other costs – deduction

    Tuition fee for an MBA course or for a university degree is substantial. The study most of the time requires your full attention, hence a job besides the study is not always possible. The result is that you do have study costs, but no income to set them off against. How can you benefit from […]

  • Tax deductible costs – medical costs

    The number of deductible costs in the income tax return is limited. One of them are the medical costs, you can deduct them, but will you ever qualify? In the event you have medical costs that are not being reimbursed by the insurance company, then you can deduct these medical costs in the income tax […]

  • Cloud Bookkeeping

    You want to concentrate on making your business a success not spending hours worrying about bookkeeping and balancing spreadsheets, so why not let Cloud Bookkeeping take away the hassle of the bookkeeping from you. No job is too small, our competitive rates make it sound so sensible that you wonder why you did not consider […]

  • Important Canadian Tax Return Dates in 2014

    The 2013 tax season has quickly showed up, and our team at LedgersOnline decided to accumulate some of the most important Canadian tax dates in 2014. You can find a full list of 2014 tax dates on the CRA website, but for now, see a list of some of the most important dates below:   Jan […]

  • Effective risk assessment is increasingly important to the success of any business

    Today’s business world is constantly changing—it’s unpredictable, volatile, and seems to become more complex every day. By its very nature, it is fraught with risk. Historically, businesses have viewed risk as a necessary evil that should be minimized or mitigated whenever possible. In recent years, increased regulatory requirements have forced businesses to expend signifi cant […]


    We want to partner with you in order to help you achieve a greater level of success.  We can provide professionally managed books and financial records that will give you strategic insights into your personal or company finances. We assist both businesses (sole proprietors, partners and corporations) and individuals.  Our services include: Bookkeeping Income Tax preparation with E-filing HST remit...

  • The best investment options for aging Canadians

    When you’re a young, spry 30-something, investing for retirement is easy. Put most of your money in equities and — if all goes well — watch your returns climb over the years. It gets more complicated as retirement looms. When you’re 10 or 15 years out, you need to start thinking about how you’ll keep […]

  • Commercial Real Estate Services

    That’s why we do business where you do business. When you partner with a AAnswers  professional, you know you are getting the best local knowledge available, as well as exceptional client service. We deliver integrated real estate services to help our clients accelerate their success. We represent owners, occupiers, developers and investors, and provide a […]

  • difference between bookkeeping and accounting

    What is Bookkeeping?  Bookkeeping is the recording of daily transactions that follow a defined process in a cyclical manner. Bookkeeping is broken down into parts such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll. Think of bookkeeping as the foundation of your financial data. What is Accounting? Accounting is the setting up of the Bookkeeping system, […]

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