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  • How Ransomware Works

    Ransomware is a type of malware that, like its name suggests, holds your computer’s files for “ransom”. There are different types of ransomware, they all work in different ways, but they all prevent you from using your computer normally. Ransomware can prohibit you from accessing your files and from running certain apps. If you’re affected by ransomware, you will be asked to provide money in order...

  • Protect Your Organization with Access Controls

    If you own a business or work for an organization that frequently handles sensitive information, protecting your data and your physical workplace is likely top of mind. Investing in a high quality surveillance system is imperative to keeping your assets and employees secure, but Access Technologies wants you to know that there are more defensive methods you can employ to protect your business befo...

  • How File Sync Has Changed the Workplace

    File sync has drastically changed how we work. Now your employees can collaborate on projects at any time, from anywhere. Access Technologies’ user friendly File Sync solutions are a great fit for small to medium sized business that want to streamline the way they work. Convenience Access Technologies’ File Sync allows you to sync your files to your mobile device, your laptop, or your desktop com...

  • The Importance of Maintenance Contracts for Systems

    Access Technologies provides advanced technological solutions for businesses, government organizations, educational institutions, and utilities. Each entity that we work with has different needs, and as systems become increasingly more complex, proper maintenance is critical. Customers need maintenance agreements in order to manage daily upkeep and avoid costly expenditures if repairs are ever nee...

  • Dangers of Unsecure Email

    Any time that a business or individual engages in data communication, that person runs the risk of having problems. Many risks arise when a business uses unsecure email accounts to communicate with the world. In fact, a bad security breach in the email system can cause a company to experience data communication issues that are difficult to recover from. Just a few things that can happen to the bus...

  • Digital Signage: Advertising for the Future

    Digital signage is used to advertise and build awareness of products. Unlike print signs, digital signage can be changed remotely and almost instantly. Images and text is displayed using LED or LCD monitors, but there are some digital signs that use projection. The signs can be connected to the internet in order to change advertising at a moment's notice. It's a tool that can be used to interact...

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